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Keyboard dock quality question

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jtrosky|Post time:3-14-2017 03:50:42 View:1816|Reply:12

jtrosky| Post time 3-12-2017 08:48:00 | Show all posts
Edited by jtrosky at 3-12-2017 08:49

Well, I finally got a definitive answer about the keyboard quality.  I bought another brand new keyboard and it's just as bad as the original one I had...  It's really a shame beause as a heavy keyboard user, the keyboard is very important and it ruins the experience for me.  The Hi12 is better than the Onda Obook 11 Plus tablet that I have is just about every other way (tablet build quality, screen "shape", battery life, sound volume, ports on the tablet, etc) - but the typing experience on the Onda is *so* much better.  The Hi12 keyboard looks fantastic - the Onda keybaord is plasticy, has smaller keys and has a lot more flex - but the keys work each and every time, no matter how hard you press them and where you press them).  But any significant amount of typing on the Hi12 keyboard is painful!!  It constantly missing key presses, you can't hit the space bar or shift keys at the ends, etc.  I also hate how the trackpad re-activates every time you turn the device on (while on battery power) - the Onda had a dedicated "trackpad disable" key that "sticks" between sleep/on states.

It really is such a shame - I'd much prefer to use the Hi12 as my "daily driver", but the keyboard just isn't up to par - and like I said, the keyboard dock is one of the primary reason I like these type of devices.   
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technisol| Post time 3-13-2017 21:37:22 | Show all posts
If you expect perfection, you will be disappointed...  The Hi12 is a pretty good deal on an all around basis, but it's far from perfect.  The pen input is not perfect either, usable, but far from perfect.

As far as the keyboard dock being why you like these devices, I'm at a bit of a loss.  You like a tablet because you can get a dock to make it like a laptop?  Uh, then buy a laptop... or a convertible like a Yoga.  Either the tablet part is more important to you or the laptop form factor is...  Traditionally the good keyboard generally comes only with the laptop form factor because it's hard to make a slim dock that still has decent key travel, and everyone wants everything thin, thin, thin these days.

I'm not sure how you carry your Hi12, but I still think you might want to try a bluetooth keyboard or bluetooth keyboard/cover.  I just wish they had made a "typecover" for the Hi12.  I'm used to having a decent keyboard from having Lenovo ThinkPads, but I'm pretty happy with a couple of different bluetooth keyboards I've found. One is literally a $5 keyboard from $5 Below which was a Christmas gift from my younger niece.  For the money it's a surprisingly good keyboard for one with chiclet style keys(not much travel).  About as good as a Gmyle I paid $20 for and a $10 Samsung.

I'm still trying to find a Lenovo bluetooth keyboard for a decent price, not an easy task... but, I'm not really looking that hard.  These are decent enough for now.  If you're really a keyboard lover you might want to consider looking into a Lenovo keyboard if you can find one -it won't be a dock perfectly matched to your tablet, but it would be a superior typing experience if you really do a lot of typing.  Frankly, I think I can make the adjustment to the chiclet style keys, but I wouldn't want to try to type a novel on one of these, or the Hi12 keyboard dock, for that matter.

I'd like to see one of these attached to the molded Folio cover Chuwi sells, with a fold out stand on the back. ... hash=item2ca65e5a0f

Still chiclets, but I think it'd look pretty decent.  If Chuwi put anywhere as much into designing the keyboard dock as they did the Hi12 they'd really have something.  A little more time put into the pen would have been nice as well.
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jtrosky| Post time 3-14-2017 03:50:42 | Show all posts
technisol replied at 3-13-2017 21:37
If you expect perfection, you will be disappointed...  The Hi12 is a pretty good deal on an all arou ...

I'm *definitely* not expecting perfection!  I've owned many of these "Transformer" devices over the years and none of them were perfect.  However, I *do* expect the keyboard dock to work well!  The keyboard dock for the Hi12 (even the "new and improved" version) is easily the worst keyboard dock of any of the "Transformer" style tablets I've owned over the years, including the Onda Obook 11 Plus (same type of inexpensive, Chinese device).  Even with smaller keys, the difference between typing on the Onda keyboard dock and the Hi12 keyboard dock is night and day.  I can probably type twice as fast on the Onda simply becuase the keys work properly....  

The reason why the keyboard dock is so important to me is that it allows a single device to be "everything".  It allows me to use my device like a touch-enabled laptop when using applications where a physical keyboard is very important and then if I want to use it as a tablet, I simply "take off" the screen!  :-)  WHen transporting the device, I simply close it up like a laptop and slide it into a "sleeve" type case (that also holds my accessories such as OTG cable, cleaning cloth, etc).  Super portable and fully functional.  And of course, the primary reason(s) that I started getting into these Onda/Chuwi Chinese devices is because they also dual-boot windows and Android/RemixOS.  So now I have a single, super-portable device that can be a laptop, a tablet, can run Android and can run Windows 10.  I can use it for on-call support for work while "on the go" (using my cell phone as a hotspot), I can use it to alter the tune in my vehicle (HP Tuners application, which only runs in Windows) and I can use it for my "everyday" activities in Android (web browsing, email, forums, games, etc).

I have absolutely no interest in lugging around "separate" hardware components (bluetooth keyboard and mouse) - I want it all in a single, ultra-portable device that I can just "grab and go" quickly and easily.  These devices with a keyboard dock give me the best of both worlds - a single device that can be a laptop or a tablet - Windows or Android.  I don't want to have to have a latop *and* a tablet.

All of the other transformer-style devices I've had had keyboard that were very functional.  But that is a huge issue with the Hi12 if you are a heavy keyboard user.  Simply put, the Hi12 keyboard dock sucks and completely ruins the device for me and my use case!  :-)  I really wish that wasn't the case, because the tablet itself is great in every other aspect...

The *only* reason that I even considered the Hi12 is becuase it has a keybaord dock (and is dual-boot).  The "daily driver" device I use MUST have a keyboard dock that works well.   

Not sure if I'm going to keep the Hi12 as a "Tablet only" device or just sell it.  I'll probably just sell it since I really don't need 2 dual-boot tablet devices.  :-)  I was *so* hoping that the replacement keyboard dock worked better and that the original one was defective.  However, that was not the case..
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