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[Solved] Random Black Screen Chuwi Hi10 PLUS

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Chuwiaficionado|Post time:2-24-2017 13:48:24 View:8765|Reply:95

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Has anyone experienced an issue with a black screen appearing periodically on their Hi10 Plus (z8350 or z8300).  It normally lasts for 2-3 seconds and then goes back to normal. I reinstalled a fresh copy of Windows 10 and updated all of the drivers but the issue did not go away. In the events log of the video card in the Windows 10 device manager it shows the following message: 4101 display error (IGFX stopped responding and has successfully recovered).  Do you think maybe this is a problem with the BIOS?  Thank you for any advice that anyone may have.

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Trident| Post time 2-20-2017 20:12:56 | Show all posts
I have exactly the same problem. Random igfxLP driver crashes. One each 3 or 4 minutes. Seems worst when machine is cold. Disabling Chrome hardware acceleration seems to improve things but makes navigation painlessly slower. (even more)
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Chuwiaficionado| Post time 2-21-2017 05:40:13 | Show all posts
The black screen has also appeared while using Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Outlook.  Interestingly, I have no issues with the Hi10 Pro, which I've also ordered to decide between the two tablets.  The problem seems to be due to some incompatibility with the Intel video drivers and the Hi10 Plus.   I wonder if Intel or Chuwi will ever release an updated driver to resolve the issue or if this is something that we will have to endure for the life of the tablet.  If so, this is unacceptable in my opinion, and I will look elsewhere for a tablet.  Good thing Amazon has an excellent return policy!
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Trident| Post time 2-21-2017 18:06:42 | Show all posts
I ordered from Gearbest and they have a 3 days only policy for returning the item. I am stuck.
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9desaparecido1| Post time 2-22-2017 03:09:02 | Show all posts
Hello, same problem for me since I've updated to W10 anniversary edition (before of this was perfect more or less).

It's very frustrating and I'd like to set everything back to stock do you know how can this be done?
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Trident| Post time 2-22-2017 21:44:48 | Show all posts
There are many people complaining on the Intel forum.

Google for igfx

Their answer: try the latest driver, if it doesn't work, it's a HW CPU issue, contact manufacturer.

@9desaparecido1 You had no issues before the update? If so, it's software. ... tem-Support-Utility ... s-10-15-40-4th-Gen- ... -for-Windows-15-45-

--- also to try:
Right click your desktop and click on "Graphics Properties..."
Once the window opens up, click on "3D"
Under the section labeled "Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing," select the option "Turn Off"

That should fix that issue. If that single setting does not fix it, also set "Application Optimal Mode" to "Disable" and "Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing" to "Turn Off," as I have done on my own laptop.

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Chuwiaficionado| Post time 2-23-2017 09:13:15 | Show all posts
I just spoke to Intel today and this was their response:

"Usually the tablet manufacturer should try to reproduce the issue in the lab with the exact same tablet model. if they can reproduce the issue in their lab then they should be able to develop a fix for it. If they cannot develop a fix for it, then they escalate it to us (INTEL) internally."

Hopefully Chuwi can help us in resolving the issue.  But I am not holding my breath, as I have yet to receive a response from them after numerous emails and messages to Emily.
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ghale| Post time 2-23-2017 09:53:13 | Show all posts
I hope they fix this. I've not received my ChuWi but reading this it's not very fun.
I hope I've not failed buying a ChuWi product.
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Nani| Post time 2-23-2017 10:49:01 | Show all posts
I have the same issue..
try to about 3 display drivers but still no luck.

can Chuwi team resolve this issue??
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ghale| Post time 2-24-2017 13:48:24 | Show all posts
Hello, Today i've received the Hi10 Plus.
With the latest version of Windows, I have the issues.

I've tried to fix the settings of 3D, as showed before.
I hope I can solve...

Chuwi support, where are you???
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