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HELP blank screen, led blinking after charge

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vientoymar|Post time:2-28-2017 02:19:23 View:700|Reply:1

left the tablet yesterday charging, this morning, the tablet doesn't respond to anything and the led is still blinking.
Put to charge again in the computer and is full, it takes 140mA only (like whe is fully charged).

Any way to reset it? I tried the typical long press with switch on button and on +up vol and +down vol (should be capture but who knows)

Thank you.

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vientoymar| Post time 2-28-2017 02:19:23 | Show all posts
Well, after a day, I started to very long press shut down buttons , about 1 minute, wait a bit, press off + vol up for 30 seconds and then put on charge in a usb from computer. It was charging for two/three hours with a amperage of 600mA, and then suddenly... woke up from death. Letting choose the SO and showing the charge animation.
Now is charging with the charger at 1.7A. I will let it full charge before trying to switch on.

I hope this will help someone.
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