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[HiBox] [Tutorial] The Instruction to Reinstall Windows 10 for Chuwi HiBox

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emily|Post time:11-21-2017 04:02:09 View:4527|Reply:1

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The Instruction to Reinstall Windows 10 for Chuwi HiBox

Prepared Tool: 8G USB disk, USB Keyboard, Display

Step 1
  • Format the USB disk into NTFS format and rename it as "WINPE";


Step 2
  • Unrar the image file.
  • Open window 10 image folder to copy the sub-files to the root directory of the USB drive.



Step 3
  • Please put the USB stick and USB keyboard into HiBox.
  • Press power button. At the same time, please click the "F7" button continuously into the boot mode as the picture follows:


  • Choose "UEFI:SanDisk, Partition 1" and enter press "enter" to reinstall windows.
  • Choose WINPE_64bit.



Step 4
  • When it is finished, it will turn off automatically.
  • Please turn on the mini pc (It may take a long time before you turn it on.)
  • When it turns on, it will enter testing mode. Please close window in the middle.  And then double click "cleanup", the mini pc will turn off.  Finally, you can turn it on again and conduct setting.


Download Tutorial:!JwxH2YxJ!MMMWY ... 5_8hbyRHJWYVeGUAL1Y

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garisij| Post time 11-21-2017 04:02:09 | Show all posts
Hello. Can you help me?
What that a password appeared character on a registration record at an entrance and decided to move windows. Windows 10 put LTBS. Reached to the choice of division. Divisions gave out about 15 and one of them on 42 Gb - there windows and stood. Formated, but after the choice of this division for setting gave out what that error ( did not memorize). On the forum of subtracted, that it is needed to put original windows, got. For this time instalation reached to the copying of files, but intermitted and gave out the error of ACPI _ BIOS _ ERROR and to overload комп. The same error fell out after a restart. How i can to install Windows?
Thank you
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