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Chuwi Hi10 pro Touch screen issue -replacement according to Model number

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wicha|Post time:8-4-2017 10:35:10 View:1446|Reply:1

Hello. My touch screen has broken  and i want to replace it. I've searched it and found out that i have to buy CW1529 touch screen(it is the model number on my back of the tablet, please correct me if not ).

My question is the compatibility of the different types of T.S-s according to their IC number. My IC num is J4BOE7496DN, and i've found that a supplier has 4 other types of TS according to IC number ( L4B0D6N645N IC / L5B0E67406N IC / 13B0D6N528N IC / G3B0E6R654N IC) which one should I buy, or it doesn't matter?

My other question is: i have the model number : HQ64G42161203389. An other supplier says he has a T.S for PQ64G42160804644 but it doesnt compatible with HQ64G42161207256. So this type of TS wont be compatible with my tablet (PQ instead of HQ)?

Thank You very much


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szucsi| Post time 8-4-2017 10:35:10 | Show all posts
t4 torx,
Back cower aus
See you the silead chip on touchscreen folie, The silead chip type and ic code..
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