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Backplate plastic parts broken after less then 10 months

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crazycookie|Post time:3-14-2017 13:52:14 View:431|Reply:2


Using the heavy Hi12 together with the original keyboard dock is really a bad idea. Why? Simply because the parts keeping the tablet in position are made of plastic. And because of the weight of the tablet they apparently tend to break very fast. Unfortunately to fix this, I'll have to replace the complete backplate. Look at the pictures I attached. Seems like this is ill by design:


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jtrosky| Post time 3-14-2017 13:02:23 | Show all posts
Wow - so the tablet backing plate is made of plastic?  I honestly thought it was aluminum!  :-)  That is NOT good...
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technisol| Post time 3-14-2017 13:52:14 | Show all posts
Edited by technisol at 3-14-2017 19:50

The backplate, or rear cover, is made of aluminum so far as I know.  I believe he's referring to what I'd call the lower edge or surround of the tablet where the locator prongs from the keyboard dock would align the tablet to the keyboard/dock connector -at least that's what it looks like from photos presented with little or no context and, I believe, mislabeled as the backplate...  I believe he's saying he has a problem where the "cups" in the tablet connect to the plastic edge structure of the tablet or that the cup assemblies or where they attach are partly plastic and one of them has broken?  It's a little hard to interpret without the context of some larger images to see to just what he's referring, but that's what it looks like.
Having a bit longer to look at it, I think that if he can't get the part, then crazy glue and/or 5 minute epoxy to pot it in place may be in his future...
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