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Ubuntu 17.04 Official Mascot Announced - Origami North American Jumpers

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Believe that everyone is familiar with Ubuntu, a Linux operating system is given priority to with desktop applications. From the Ubuntu 17.04 stable version of the release of less than a month, Canonical for Ubuntu 17.04 "Zesty Zapus" published the official mascot artwork. In keeping with the previous Ubuntu mascot, the new Zesty Zapus graphics are similar to the folded paper mouse.

ubuntu 1.jpg


Designed by the Canonical design team, the official Zesty Zapus graphics will appear in the Ubuntu 17.04 desktop document and appear on the product, such as the official release of T-shirts and Bannner. This flag, which is displayed in 17.04 when the Ubiquity install package is submitted, will also appear on each new Ubuntu installation while playing on the slideshow; so if you plan to reinstall Ubuntu 17.04, you can see it!

Are you a fan of the Zesty Zapus logo? How would you design a origami mouse?


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