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[Hi8] To solve the issue the system is stuck at 26% when flash Android system for Hi8

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emily|Post time:1-5-2018 18:10:40 View:1384|Reply:1

Edited by emily at 3-22-2017 17:49

Preparation before flashing Android system:

As follows:

Step 1
Format the USB drive into Fat32 format and rename it as "WINPE";
Copy the below files to the root directory of USB drive, as follows:


Step 2
Tablet connects OTG, and OTG connects HUB. Plug the USB drive and keyboard in the Hub as the picture shows:


Step 3
  • Tablet PC in the off state, press the power button to boot, will automatically enter the windows boot manager interface.
  • Choose the second "win 8.1 PE UEFI X86" and press "Enter"
  • And the screen shows "Loading…"
Step 4
Choose "TC File Manager" and press "Enter"


Then choose "WINPE" using the mouse;


Choose and open "Win8Update" then choose "run.bat"



Step 5
When the progress is 100%, then screen occur "Please press any key to continue…" Finished!

Step 6
Then long press power button for 16 seconds, and flash Hi8 Android system again.


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oleks| Post time 1-5-2018 18:10:40 | Show all posts
my tablet has windows 10 and it shows when i oper run.exe
Current Fw information: DM(some number + date 7 mar 2016)
Start to update
update Fail!ess:0%
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