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Proactive Chuwi (Relevant) Online Reputation Management

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ZenBalancer|Post time:4-18-2017 07:07:29 View:294|Reply:0

Edited by ZenBalancer at 4-18-2017 19:08

I propose Chuwi assigns a "floating task" or a "floating responsibility", for which no specialized recruiment nor specialized requirement might be necessary. The "floating task" is assigned in accordance to some arbitrary pattern, to any Chuwi employee or (existing) forum "recruit", and then changing "shifts" (like job shifts/dividing a work period in shifts).

It's about people not understanding what's going on online, assigning blame at random and having incomplete conclusions that damage Chuwi's reputation unnecessarily, also that of its partner sellers. Pointing to those occurrences in the correct subforums, and expanding on what's going on with the community. And then when having reached a more complete and stable conclusion, giving that feedback (link) to the source (sub) community.

For example: ... 22002&fromuid=19651

1. The Chuwi hardware is probably not damaged for the most part. And does Chuwi get feedback about out of the factory "boot loops" of the Lapbook 14.1 without being spotted?

2. The default pre-ordering seller that at least previously was GearBest, their business ethics and trustworthiness is brought into question (by others as well) based on assumptions. You see a fact, and you assume the reason behind it, I've done that too many times.

That "floating task" might be called "reputation explorer" or "negative feedback explorer". And shouldn't be limited to the content of this forum only. And shouldn't be a "one way street". We should cross-reference back to the source of the experience.

I'm not volunteering to be in the "floating-task work-pool". It just occurred to me, and I'm passing it on. It's also for "survival", since I like the Hi13 (although haven't received it yet) thus far based on dependable reviews, and it would be a super letdown if Chuwi went "chapter 11" because of some arbitrary yet preventable reason. Any preventable debacle should be learned from to be subsequently continuously "actually" prevented.

Edit: clarity correction.
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