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How to split a large file into several smaller files and how to merge them back

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While sharing a Large files with friends or family or when you want to save a large file into DVD disk, You may be search for File splitter software and Joiner. Actually there can be many reason, You want to split large files into multiple chunks. But How can you split a large files into multiple chunks?

Thanks to these developers, Who enable us to do that with ease. Here I'll show you some of my favorite software that I always use to Split a large file into smaller parts.

You may have already familiar with WinRAR or 7-zip, But do you know, These awesome software has built in File splitter and Joiner feature that you can use to do the task with ease. Even these software also supports Compression while Splitting.

Through This Post, I will show you how to split files using WinRAR, 7-Zip and one of my Favorite Hj-Split and some additional software that you can use to do this task.

File Split Using WinRAR

WinRAR is a great software that let us compress and decompress files with the easy ways. It also has file splitter feature that we are going to use on the next step.

1. Download WinRar

2. Install WinRar

3. Select or highlight the file that you want to split.

4. Right click on it, then click on "Add to archive..."


5. In the dialog box that appears, the archive format is set to RAR by default, and the file name is appended with .rar. You can keep these default settings. (You can choose between RAR and ZIP. )

6. In the "Split to volumes, bytes" section, you can pick the categories there to split the file into pre-defined sizes like 700MB or 4481MB . But you can also specify your own file size in MB. In this example, we enter 20MB.


7. When you click on OK button, the compression and the splitting of the selected file will proceed like this screen shot:


8. When the process is completed, all the smaller files will be stored in the same location as the source file, the one that you split into several files. Also, these smaller files are numbered  appended with "part" in the filename. Here is my result with the 601MB file being split into 32 smaller files:


How To Join Files Using WinRAR

So now you have chunked files that you can join to make the original file. To make the original file from these chunks, right click on the first file and choose extract files. After that WinRAR will ask to to select the location you want to save the original file. Choose the location you wnt to save, Now hit Ok, Wait for the process completion. The process time will depend on the file size and compression level.

File Split Using 7-Zip

7-Zip also one of the most popular open source software that you can use to split a large files into multiple smaller parts. 7-Zip is similar to WinRAR and both software gives us the ability to split file while compressing. The file split process is also similar to WinRAR and Here is the instructions:

First right click on the file you want to split and choose 7-Zip > Add to archive…

Now choose the Archive save destination by clicking the Browse button right to the Archive name field..

After that On the Split to volumes, bytes: section select the chunks size you want to be. For an example, If you want to split a large files for DVD writing Type 4480M. So then each split file size will be 4480 MB that you can write on each DVD disc.


Now leave rest of the settings default and hit ok Button. That’s all.

And the file Joiner process is similar to WinRAR.

Split A Large File Using HjSplit

HjSplit is a really good software that developed for file splitting and joining. To start splitting files with HjSplit, Follow the instructions below:

First download HjSplit to your computer (No Installation needed). After that run HjSplit and it will appear like this:


Now, Click on the Split Button to split files into multiple smaller files.


In the Input File field select the file you want to split and In the Output Field choose the destination when you want your split files to be placed. After that choose the files size you want to be from the Split file size field. Now hit on the Start button to start proceeding file splitting.

How To Merge Files Using HjSplit

In order to merge or Join files using HjSplit, You need to run HjSplit and choose Join. Here you will see two box, One is input and another is output. On the input field select the 1st chunks that’s name end with .001 and then select the output directory (Where you want the original file to be placed after merging).


Once you are all done, Hit the Start button and It will start merging these chunks into one large original file.


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