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Hi13 (Laplet) vs SurBook (Tabtop) : both a new Chuwi 2in1

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SurBook is a recently shown (yesterday, relative to thread start in listing) Chuwi Tabtop having 6GB RAM, 128GB emmc5, Full USB 3 (+ TypeC if I saw correctly), and significantly lighter total weight including "ultra-light typecover" keyboard (confirmed), at the cost of not supporting lap-mode (certain).

Both have a touchscreen (unlike Lapbook 12.3) with stylus support (confirmed, assumed H3). Equal "retina quality" PPI. But with screen-size difference. Because of the screen-size difference, the price might not be that different for the better internals.

Also see Laplets vs Tabtops for general difference:

Edit: for the SurBook related sources and more indications and sources, use/see the following:

Because this thread is focussed on the comparison between the Hi13 and SurBook (comparison with the mini needs its own thread).

Edits: clarity, updated + additions.


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