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Chuwi HiBox with Windows 7

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Tovarisch_Mayor|Post time:4-22-2017 16:59:27 View:875|Reply:3

Hello, let me ask, can I install Windows 7 to HiBox? And if it possible, how can I do that? Thank you in advance.

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Hackerjac| Post time 4-21-2017 12:53:12 | Show all posts
If you can find all the drivers needed by Win 7, i belive it should be possible
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ljvtb01| Post time 4-22-2017 00:55:54 | Show all posts
Use the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.
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jonathanlemoine| Post time 4-22-2017 16:59:27 | Show all posts
Edited by jonathanlemoine at 4-22-2017 21:19

You can install windows like on any other computer. Put in on a flash drive and select it at boot and go through the setup process selecting the partition you want to use for the install. Sound and wifi drivers will most likely be problematic but you could use a usb soundcard and a usb wifi dongle and you'd be good to go. Most other drivers you should be able to find online with a little searching and downloading. You may even find the audio drivers but I wouldn't bet to much on it. The wifi though seams very specific and of the 5 or 6 OSs I've tried none of them find the wifi. But I have a dongle so it's not really an issue. If I had a usb soundcard on hand I would probably be putting Linux mint or Ubuntu on it permently but I don't so I probably will eventually restore it back to it's factory OSs.
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