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Hi13 Pen problems

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jaysonplazo|Post time:2-9-2018 06:31:46 View:6659|Reply:71

sylcat| Post time 5-21-2017 18:31:19 | Show all posts
Techdragonz replied at 5-21-2017 06:17
I'm starting to feel kind of lucky... I don't experience the issues that you all do
I use Sketc ...

I'm sorry to type this but if you're not seeing the problems with the out-of-box Chuwi digitizer performance than you're not doing any kind of art that requires precision stroke and pressure.  Try going into Manga Studio, Krita, Sai, Photoshop and drawing swift circles in varying pressure.  You're going to get a mess of sharp edges, pressure that goes from 0% to 100% with little variation in between, as well as jitters and sometimes completely disconnected response.

I've also found since the stylus doesn't detect until you're very close to the monitor with the pen, often when you lift to make another stroke it will lose track of the pen and so your next stroke will fail as it has to catch up and re-establish the connection.

The Chuwi Hi13 needs
-Smoother pen tracking
-Much better metered pressure
-Better hover distance or drivers that can keep up with with natural strokes
-Actual configuration software to control this stuff

If they would spend the time to fix these simple things they'd get a TON of Wacom's business. But right now every artist I know with one of these complains about what a bad purchase it is for drawing. (Including me)
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Techdragonz| Post time 5-24-2017 07:41:54 | Show all posts
I tried Photoshop too. And it worked. But in photoshop i didn't test it out very much due to the lagg.
I would even video it if you don't believe me

I do agree that in photoshop there is to much lagg, and that it needs better pressure sensing as it doesn't get the thin lines easily. ANd configuration software is always handy.
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sylcat| Post time 5-27-2017 22:51:44 | Show all posts
Chuwi pllllease fix the poor pen performance, I want to love this tablet but I can't as it is.  :[
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steward00| Post time 5-28-2017 11:50:14 | Show all posts
Techdragonz replied at 5-24-2017 07:41
I tried Photoshop too. And it worked. But in photoshop i didn't test it out very much due to the lag ...

you can change the screen resolution to have a better performance and less lag
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steward00| Post time 5-28-2017 12:36:15 | Show all posts
Edited by steward00 at 5-28-2017 12:38

just fine, neither good nor bad.

clear stroke jitter and sometimes missing strokes.
Should be fine for daily use,
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Arran| Post time 11-8-2017 15:53:29 | Show all posts
I recently ordered a Hi12, took about a month to order an H1 Pen and I get the same issues listed in this thread.

The easiest way to highlight the issue for me is to draw a dot and hold the pen at that position, you can watch the dot cut in and out and move around.

I bought the tablet specifically to draw with (a portable tablet I can jot ideas down at work during my lunch break.) unfortunately the three main issues (jitter, pressure sensativity, and signal loss) make the tablet/pen useless for the one thing I bought it for.

It cannot even be used for simple note taking as it often doesn't register characters or parts of words, and the signal loss makes the stylus impossible to use as a pointer because simple selection and button clicks fail to register, I usually give up trying to press a button with the stylus and 3-4 attempts and use my finger.

I am curious if anyone has found a solution to this, I assume it is highlighting a faulty digitizer.
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MemberChuwi| Post time 11-9-2017 14:28:23 | Show all posts
H3 isn't for artists, period.

H3 isn't much worse than most other styli...just less pricey. Fingertouch is indeed more accurate with diagonal lines. Pressure sensing isn't great with H3, initial pressure is too high and maximum to low/hard. Registering is also different across my Hi13. In one area it registers at about 10mm at other locations it's hardly 3mm. That's chinese precision I guess...
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MemberChuwi| Post time 1-29-2018 03:19:01 | Show all posts
Edited by MemberChuwi at 1-29-2018 03:20

Checking back to the pen my result is normal touch input - i.e. drawing with a finger - is perfectly smooth. Just there is no pressure sensitivity. The HiPen's jitter makes it unusable for serious drawing. Initial pressure is too high and pressure variation feels not 'natural'. Missing friction may be another disadvantage for serious artistic use. Except for high end Wacom stuff experience with more expensive devices seems not to be that much better, especially the jitter is inacceptable.

The HiPen is just a compact mouse replacement (apart from it's flaw reaching corners) and has nothing really exciting to offer. My conclusion is it's not even worth the low 25 bucks. Hi13 is a great tablet, a doubtful notebook but definitely no artist canvas.
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Mitch33| Post time 2-9-2018 02:58:28 | Show all posts
Edited by Mitch33 at 2-9-2018 03:07

Same problem here ..
I bought Hi13 for the 1024 pressure levels stylus. I didn't find an App that can show that these pressure levels are working.
It seems more like a 10 pressure levels, or less...  

Ok it's not a Tablet for artists as some of you wrote*, but they say it has 1024 pressure levels : it's enough for many graphic design if it worked !
* Edit : sorry, but here it really shows that artists can do things with that Tablet and Stylus

CHUWI, will a stylus driver improve this ? When will you work on a fix ?

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MemberChuwi| Post time 2-9-2018 06:31:46 | Show all posts
Edited by MemberChuwi at 2-9-2018 07:11

How naive can people be? Does anybody believe in advertising? Most told there is pure rubbish. Shut down your senses when you are told how great something looks or feels... that's just said to make you want it, to fire your desire... to make you forget your common sense.

Chuwi also tells the screen has 500nits brightness. I metered about 380nits that's way off. Still it's much brighter than average desktop screens and many notebooks. Still for what we pay it's excellent.

Regarding the pen, did you really expect it to rival pro wacom technology? I have a very old, small battery less wacom pen/tablet that works and feels better than a todays Surface pen, it works smooth while a surface pen suffers from diagonal line jitter too, ridiculous considering the price for this pen being higher than my old shabby wacom thing. When it comes to how something feels you have to try it. You can probably watch YouTube video, ignoring what reviewers tell, just watch. You can get a pretty close idea of pens there and you see diagonal line jitter - ignore the blabla of what's 'acceptable'... most reviewers don't work with pens or even pay for the stuff they review...

But numbers? Numbers are designed to confuse too - especially in advertising. Just have a look on USB C... what a mess! 3.1, 3.2, Gen 1, Gen 2, thunderbolt and a ton of other protocols that may or may not be implemented... indeed a lot of phone USB C ports are just USB 2 with a fancy new plug and a proprietary charging standard called 'quick charge'... but charging quick is again one of our desires - current batteries suffer from charging quick and get worse lifetime. Of course no one will tell you... good for business when you need to buy new more often...

Finally Chuwi catches us all with one thing, promising gold and platinum for a budget price. But that does not work without sacrificing something else. That's of course just after sales issues... no official driver or bios support, no repair or warranty service that really works and maybe some promises turning out not to be as good as they sound in advertising... There is noone that manages all these issues. Ordering from China is another risk. There are no legal regulations that can be finally applied with reasonable effort. Make shure to buy from a dealer where you know returns work. Fullfillment by Amazon us currently the only one I trust. 30 days with money back is the best I could find ordering chinese stuff. Yes there are cheaper options, but if you have a dead on arrival or early defect that's some basic safety not to loose all your money. After 30 days you are on your own with chuwi - can't see any reasonable way to force service or repair.

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