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Help understanding which files are safe to delete

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bluejacket|Post time:5-9-2017 09:53:29 View:536|Reply:2

Edited by bluejacket at 4-27-2017 06:51

I have a dualboot and I want to delete the Android partition,  I have read this thread ... 74590&postcount=140  - but I am still uncertain as under Disk Managment I seem to have two EFI 100mg files and I do not know which is Android and which Windows.  However, looking at it with EaseUS Master Free at present system looks like this
File system     Capacity  Type
unallocated  1.00MB   GPT
unformatted 100MB  GPT (Data Partition)
ANDRIODA Fat 16   100MG  GPT  EFI Sys Partition
*  other  30MB
*  other  30MB
*  other  1.00MB
*  other  16.00MB
* EXT3  2.50MB
* EXT3  256MB
* EXT3  8.000MB
* other 1.00MB
* EXT3  8.00MB
*SYSTEM  FAT 32  100MB  (EFI System Partition)
* other 16.00MB  GPT (Reserved Partition)
C: WINDOWS  NTFS  16.79GB  Data Partition
* Recovery  NTFS  1000MB

* Uallocated 1007 KB

I am assuming I can delete all the files above * SYSTEM FAT32 on the list and maybe the 16MB between SYSTEM and C: WINDOWS?  The ones in BOLD are the ones I keep, right?  Will the file between SYSTEM and WINDOWS cause issues merging the partitions?

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ljvtb01| Post time 5-1-2017 04:29:35 | Show all posts
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bluejacket| Post time 5-9-2017 09:53:29 | Show all posts


Edited by bluejacket at 5-16-2017 04:44


Thanks to poster for the above link which did help, but I have a couple of further questions.  I have deleted all but the following:

*unallocated 1.00MB  GPT
*unformatted 100.00MB   (100.mb used) Hidden  data partition file
*unallocated 10.93  (0 used) GPT
*SYSTEM  Fat32  100.00 windows system file (40.69 used)  (GPT EFI System Partiton)
*unallocated   16.MB (0 used)  GPT
*C:\ Windows NTFS  16.79  (10.36 used)  Boot GPT (Data Partition)
*Recovery NTFS 1000  (326.83 used) (GPT unused partition)
* unallocated    1007KB  (0 used)  GPT
Those in bold I assume I must keep - but what about the 100MB hidden file?

For the unallocated files, I do not get a delete partition option  in EaseUS Partition Manager Free,  but 'wipe data' which I assume is something different.  As you can see, at the moment  I have and unallocated file  16MB between C:/ and the System File, which I think is what is preventing me merging/extending the unallocated space into C drive.  Advice would be appreciated.

Also, I notice the official Chuwi links for  the Vi8 Plus drivers via dropbox do not seem be working.  When I click on the link I get a message saying 'too much traffic, links for this have been blocked'.   I have found a link to Vi8 Plus drivers, here: ... xf10SpXPKAJ6a?dl=0.  
But I am having  a bit of trouble downloading them.  
My screen rotation has stopped responding and I assume it's a driver issue - (no, it's not locked I did check).

Finally, since I have deleted Android from my dualboot and effectively turned it into a singleboot; I assume it is the single boot drivers I need?  Dumb question maybe, but I'll ask it anyway.  Thanks.

UPDATE  12/5/17:
For some reason, i couldn't get the  merge extend drive function to work  in Easeus Partition Manager ver 11, to extend the unallocated 16MB file into C:/, so I turned the 16Mb file  into Partition D, then merged it with Drive C.  It seemed to work, but the Chuwi boot up screen stayed on after the Easeus MBR manager did it's thing - I left alone for a long time (over and hour) just in case it was doing something, then, rather heart in mouth I rebooted.  It worked - and as an extra bonus, the screen rotate has started to work again.  However, drive C is now sitting between the System drive on one side and the Recovery on the other, so I cannot seem to merge the other unallocated files.  Any advice?  Also, can anyone tell me 100MB unallocated hidden file is infact Android and therefore safe to delete?  Mind you, if I can't merge any more space because of the system and recovery files either side of C I might as well leave it.

I also managed to download the Vi8 Plus drivers from the above link into Dropbox.

Update #2: 16.5.17
I couldn't get the free version of Easeus Partition Manager to deal with a C drive between Recovery and System drives (paid version only, apparently)   So, I downloaded and installed MiniTool Partition Manager:    -  with which I was able to extend the C drive into the unallocated 10.93 so now I have these 4 on my system:

*  100.00MB    100.00MB Used     Files System (unformatted) GPT Data Partition (hiidden)
* SYSTEM    100.00MB  40.69MB (used)  59.31MB (unused)  Files System FAT32  GPT (EFI System)
* C:\Windows  27.73GB  11.12GB (used) 16.61GB (free)   Files system NTFS  GPT (Data Partition)
* Recovery 1000MB  326.83MB (used)  673.16MB (free)    Files System NTFS  GPT (Recovery)

NB  the file  * unallocated    1007KB  (0 used)  GPT seems to have been reallocated as it is no longer there.

The Mintool does allow me to take unallocated space from Recovery into C:  but I am not sure if that is the right thing to do, so I am leaving the 637.61MB alone.  I still do not know whether the unformatted hidden partition 100.00MB is associated with Android or Windows; so again, until I know better, I am leaving it as it is.  It has the Partition Type ID:  EBD0A0A2-B9E5-4433-87C0-68B6B72699C7

Hope this helps someone with their dualboot.

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