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Arch Linux on Hi13 status

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glpub|Post time:11-1-2017 12:31:16 View:2840|Reply:11

Just for information

What is working "out of the box" on Hi13 running Arch Linux (needed just add screen size to Xorg configuration):
  • Plasma desktop (I didn't try any other)
  • Touchscreen
  • Wifi
  • Sound
  • Video HW Decoding (tried to play 4k demo - works smoothly, CPU load < 10%, compiled libva-intel-driver-g45-h264)
  • Rotation sensor

Do not work:
  • Both cameras (found old drivers, didn't try them yet)
  • Light sensor (found one year old driver, didnt' try it yet)
  • maybe something else )

It would be very helpful if chuwi could provide missed drivers

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dwrz| Post time 4-30-2017 07:26:37 | Show all posts
Thanks for sharing this. Does suspend/sleep work?
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bbaker6212| Post time 5-26-2017 05:50:01 | Show all posts
@glpub You really should give some more details to help other people do the same.  What version of Arch?  What steps/directions did you take to install it?  Special hoops you had to ump through?... eg. disk formating, partitioning, grub setup, etc.?   Can you point to an Arch link that explains installation?
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dwrz| Post time 5-26-2017 09:48:05 | Show all posts
I just installed Arch last night. I had tons of issues with the install, and only got it up and running over lunch. Arch is a rolling release, so no real versions, but I used 2017.05.01.

I wouldn't really recommend it for beginners, it's pretty extensive to document all the steps.

That said, I can confirm a lot of things look to be working out of the box, including touch and wifi. I haven't tried suspend yet myself -- but I'll try to post back here if/once I get it working.

Still, it does seem like Linux should work well. A bit disappointed by Chuwi, though, for a device advertised as supporting Ubuntu, there doesn't seem to be much documentation available.
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metalbound| Post time 5-26-2017 12:28:53 | Show all posts
Hey, great to hear that you got Arch working on your Chuwi. I personally use Arch a lot on my home desktop and my desktop at work. I would also love to have it running on my Chuwi. I supposed that most of the things should work out of the box, since Arch comes with cutting edge Kernel and Drivers.
Did you also try to get the Stylus working? If that works (Even with pressure sensitivity?) i could totally see myself installing Arch on the Chuwi.
And another important question: How is the battery life? I read that for the Hi12 the battery life on android was much worse than on Windows. Since Android just uses a Fork of the Linux upstream Kernel i would believe that the battery life on the Chuwi Hi13 with Arch is also worse.
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dwrz| Post time 5-27-2017 11:31:10 | Show all posts
I don't have a stylus yet, so I can't comment on that, unfortunately.

Battery life actually seems very good, but I haven't really tested it. I don't know how accurate the battery life monitor on i3wm is, but right now, idling at indoor brightness, WIFI on, with some power optimization (TLP, etc.), I'm getting around 10-11 hours @ 96%. That's probably optimistic, but I'd say you're probably not losing much compared to windows.

I'm also happy to report that suspend works. Hibernate did not, at least out of the box. It might need some config.
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glpub| Post time 5-28-2017 22:15:27 | Show all posts
Ytd got multiboot working with rEFInd boot loader and now it works as main bootloader instead of windows BL
Still need keyboard to select OS, not yet tried "touchscreen" option of rEFInd

My current config:
- W10 on internal storage (mmcblk1)
- Android-IA and Linux Arch on sdcard (mmcblk0)

Not yet much played with android and linux so not able to say smth about battery life etc.

i would recommend to make BCD backup and full internal storage backup before making any changes on boot process )
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kyriezolo| Post time 10-29-2017 09:55:47 | Show all posts
I installed Arch Linux on the SD card, however I can't get the initrd to recognise the sd card reader. The arch ISO does recognise it. Do you know what kernel modules are required for the reader?
It might be a newer hardware revision, as grub does boot, but sd card reader and touch screen are not recognised. Any help? Thanks in advance.
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gumi| Post time 11-1-2017 03:15:05 | Show all posts
Edited by gumi at 11-1-2017 05:42

It's seems that initrd image needs to have the correct sd-reader driver inside (you can find it booting from working pendrive). In the other case it doesn't recognize SD reader and cant load neccesery module from SD card. To get working touch screen probably you need to recompile touchscreen driver because alias has been changed (GDIX1001 to GDIX1002, ). But it's seems that grub works out of box now - nice
PS: something like that:
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kyriezolo| Post time 11-1-2017 12:31:16 | Show all posts
Edited by kyriezolo at 11-1-2017 12:38
gumi replied at 11-1-2017 03:15
It's seems that initrd image needs to have the correct sd-reader driver inside (you can find it boot ...

Coincidentally I just got it to work as well. The SD reader itself uses sdhci_pci, however some other module is needed, probably for the parent bus device or something. I (sort of) fixed that by just copying the arch ISO's lsmod output and including all those modules. The touchscreen worked after compiling a kernel with the new hardware revision id(GDIX1002) added to the goodix.c file.

Btw, is there a desktop environment that recognises touchscreen as touch instead of mouse? Or at least utilise them like Windows? For example, right clicking, pinch zooming, dragging, etc. which appear not to be working with plasma desktop(I didn't try to tinker with it yet).
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