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Arch Linux on Hi13 status

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glpub|Post time:11-30-2017 03:31:22 View:2841|Reply:11

kyriezolo| Post time 11-3-2017 16:08:30 | Show all posts
Okay, so a few issues appeared. The stylus is only recognised as touch. unlike Windows, where stylus hover was detected as mouse hover, and contact with glass as a click, on Linux it is only detected as continuous click, even when the stylus is not touching.
Also, what 4K video sample did you use? Streaming in Youtube is slow. I cannot stream 1080p60, 1440p60 or 4K60 without stuttering with the driver you mentioned. What is your xorg.conf?
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gumi| Post time 11-30-2017 03:31:22 | Show all posts
Edited by gumi at 12-1-2017 02:23

No Arch but Ubuntu 17.10: playing youtube 4k Star Wars The last jedi Trailer 1 & 2
2160p (4k) no shuttering on fullscreen - playing in the browser shutters, probably because of the google ads.
1440p (hd) fullscreen & browser without shuttering.
Besides: build-in sd card reader is not capable of boot with grub, grub & rest of / system can be installed on SD card but /boot partition must be on eMMC not on SD.
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