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[Vi7] [Tutorial] How to flash Chuwi Vi7 Phablet

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                           How to flash Chuwi Vi7 phablet

I. Preparation before flashing Chuwi Vi7 phablet

II. Install Flash Tool

1. Download and unzip Flash Tool as shown below:

Vi7 FlashTool.png

2. Install FlashUSB_Driver
Open FlashUSB_Driver_1_0_1_1 folder, you will see two folders with X86 and X64. Please choose a folder according to your system. If your system is 32 bits, please choose X86 folder. If your system is 64 bits, please choose X64 folder.


Now let us take the 64 bits system as an example:
Open X64 folder( if your system is 32 bits, please choose X86 folder)

3. Choose setup.exe and run as administrator. Then click "Install" to install it.



If you double-click setup.exe directly, the following error message may occur:


The solution is to run as administrator.

4. After the success of the installation will appear the following interface:


Click “Exit” or “X” to close window.

III. Open FlashTool and set FlashTool

1. Choose FlashTool_E2.exe and run as administrator.


2. Choose Vi7 Firmware (fls_SFP04_Ilife_F701_Chuwi_CW_Vi7_V1.1.4)


3. Open Vi7 Firmware file (fls_SFP04_Ilife_F701_Chuwi_CW_Vi7_V1.1.4), then choose all files.


4. Check all the image file and sort automatically;
(Remove “√”  from Custom Order and add “√” again, it will sort automatically;)



5. Check Custom Order, then choose Unconditional erase each area before write (default);

6. Set “Download Settings” following these methods:
File ->Settings ->Auto Start  -> Auto Start (no auto start) ->OK


7. Click “Next” in the Download Setup interface


End of the preparatory work, start to flash Vi7.

IV. Start to flash Chuwi Vi7 phablet
If the device connection is normal, there is no error symbol “X” at the right bottom.
Tablet is off mode, connecting tablet with computer using USB cable, it can download and flash automatically.



After finishing installation, the progress will change from blue to green. Then remove USB cable and tablet.

Tutorial Download:
  !o8o2BAgR!VOVqR ... qKToFUd9bZLcv3pDR4k


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