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Delete Android and merge partitions for Windows 10

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Lasantha59|Post time:5-20-2017 08:26:50 View:2284|Reply:2

My tablet is CHUWI Hi8 Pro. It was a dual boot Tablet. The problem was that the Windows partition was almost ful with the Windows 10 system. There was no disk space even to run the Windows 10 update. It was not possible to instal any software on Windows 10. Therefore I wanted to expand my C: Drive. Capture.JPG

I went through someone's post on “How to delete Android and merge partitions in Windows for more space” on ... ws-for-more-space/.

I downloaded EASEUS Partition Master 10.5 and registered the software. I deleted all partitions of the Tablet other than the C: Drive, EFI Partition and Recovery Partition. But the problem is that when I delete the partitions my tablet shows three separate unallocated spaces. It is not possible to merge those unallocated spaces. The reason is that the EFI Partition and the Recovery Partition are located in between other partitions. As a result, C: Drive and the unallocated spaces are not adjacent partitions. So, I am not in a position to merge the new unallocated space with C: drive and expand the C: Drive after deleting Android and all other trouble. I have attached the screen print of EaseUS.

Could you please tell me how to expand my C: Drive.

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deejay1963| Post time 5-13-2017 10:34:49 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
some partition manager programs do have the ability to move partitions, even if they are not contiguous. search google for them. ps: i want to ask here, does gparted have this ability ??
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Lasantha59| Post time 5-20-2017 08:26:50 | Show all posts
Edited by Lasantha59 at 5-20-2017 08:28

I somehow managed on my own to merge partitions and expand my C: drive.

I used MINI TOOL PARTITION WIZARD. Its a very good partition management software. EASEUS Partition Master could not do the work. I created a small partition from the Unallocated space and copied the contents of the EFI System Partition to that small partition and then changed the type of partition to EFI SYSTEM PARTITION. Then I deleted the previous EFI System Partition. I then Resized the C: drive taking the whole of the Unallocated space. I downloaded the Windows update and updated the Windows 10 to the latest.

Thanks CHUWI, not supporting your customers.
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