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CE Declaration of Conformity

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Owen|Post time:5-26-2017 17:56:56 View:444|Reply:5

Hi Everyone,

So I got a letter yesterday that the customs office needed me to collect the tablet from them. I am in Germany. I went there this morning and they got me to open it and there was no CE Declaration (or 'Certificate') of Conformity included in the box.

Without the Certificate/Declaration they will not give me the tablet. No surpises there

Does anyboby know where I could get one for the Hi12 and it's keyboard???

Thanks for any and all help


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technisol| Post time 5-19-2017 12:21:17 | Show all posts
Sounds like you need to contact Chuwi or your vendor, maybe both...

The CE symbol etched into the rear cover of the Hi12 isn't sufficient? (Does it have one?  Mine has one, anyhow...)  I always thought that the symbol indicated acceptance for CE or UL, etc...  If the manufacturer wishes to display those symbols then they must have testing done to qualify and have the appropriate paperwork to back up their usage of the seal/symbol.  If I recall correctly, there might have been a couple of pieces of paper, like little booklets in a box in the package under the tablet or in with the adapter cable, etc., that had CE and UL info in sort of a little cardboard box or enclosure.
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Owen| Post time 5-20-2017 01:48:44 | Show all posts
Thanks for the reply Technisol,

Well they said that it needs 4 things:

1. CE mark on the packaging - Got
2. CE mark on the device - Got
3. Instructions in German - Got
4. A CE 'Declaration (or Certificate) of Conformity' - Couldn't see it anywhere.

I have emailed and still await a reply...

I had a look in the box and on one booklet it had a certificate but it didn't look like the CE certificate. Unfortunately I have to go back there to look at everything.

I still confused how people have imported the keyboard without the CE mark printed on it...
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Hackerjac| Post time 5-20-2017 02:07:07 | Show all posts
Hmmm, here i thought that CE ment China Export
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technisol| Post time 5-25-2017 11:34:20 | Show all posts
Hmmm.  Sounds like you're being "Penilely Encompassed", or simply dicked around with, as we say hereabouts...

I'd ask to see someone higher in the chain of command to ensure you are properly prepared to get exactly what they require, and ask on just what grounds they detained your package and forced you to open it, how many other Chinese imports are they holding?, and then inquire regarding how many more they had intercepted coming into Germany and why the declaration from the others that someone had no doubt produced by now didn't apply to your model?  I know there are several others posting in this forum that have indicated German residence.

This may just be a local official making more of something than need be made, perhaps escalating the issue above their jurisdiction or mentioning that you feel that it may be necessary to escalate this further in order to get the precise information you need to clear your package might get them to break loose from their stance rather than requiring you to jump through hoops if it means bringing their management or superiors into the matter...  You never know, if you're polite and earnest in that you just want to make sure this gets resolved in EXACTLY the manner required.  If they attempt to dissuade you from escalation, you've got them, just lay it on a little bit at a time.  It could just be some clown who likes the idea of playing with your toy while you wait.

US customs has never even opened the box on anything I've ever ordered from China/Pacific Rim...  Tablets, microcontrollers, electronic parts and modules, etc.
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emily| Post time 5-26-2017 17:56:56 | Show all posts
Hello, any problems, please email to
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