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Chuwi Surbook is a better choice than New Surface Pro

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Chuwbacca| Post time 6-2-2017 04:50:36 | Show all posts
shadowninjazx replied at 6-2-2017 09:26
I get where you are coming from. But there is no need to flame. I am admin on another forum for de ...

Where's the flaming? .. there's none from me!... unless you're refering to me being honest and calling Chuwi products "cheap crap" ?, if so, that's quite a common Aussie expression to refer to cheap products that don't live up to expectations and rarely last much longer than the warrenty period... Short life throw away products...

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Chuwbacca| Post time 6-2-2017 05:13:59 | Show all posts
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fretes replied at 6-2-2017 22:55
Completely agree with you..

I got a Chuwi hi8 Pro.... And it was the worst investment I did until ...

I have no regrets about buying the Hi8pro, it was a cheap lesson, and it's an interesting "toy".. I'm just glad I only spent $70 and not $300 to discover their products aren't fit for purpose...

I feel sorry for the kids and old people that save up their money to buy these products then discover they don't work as claimed, or they have endless issues, or get a faulty one and find it's not cost effective to ship them back to china for repair... Companies like Gearbest are notorious for giving people the run around to avoid warranty claims, they do everything possible to discourage people from returning faulty items..

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