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Linux Archlinux,Antergos,Manjaro"

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Is it possible to install some linux distribution? "Archlinux,Antergos,Manjaro".
Bios gives you the option of booting from usb ???


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bbaker6212| Post time 5-26-2017 07:18:42 | Show all posts
yes. ... ed-ubuntu-1704.html
see comment on this page... "hurior23 February 2017 at 18:43"
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line| Post time 5-27-2017 01:39:33 | Show all posts
Everything works ??? ..
Test someone with the latest iso de manjaro?
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ram| Post time 8-12-2017 22:00:28 | Show all posts
Hi All,

Good Afternoon.

I recently purchased chuwi lapbook 15.6, ever since I am trying to instaall Ubuntu or puppy or some kind of linux on it. The lapbook doesn't come with a cd / dvd drive so the only option for me is to install a linux via a usb pen drive, I tried to put the linux .iso into my usb pendrive using unetbootin software to make my usb pendrive linux bootable. I later tried to change the boot priorities in bios and tried to boot from the usb pendrive but it's just not booting, the usb pendrive doesn't seem to be showing up in the boot priorities menu in the bios. please help in suggesting a solution
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Hyperion1337| Post time 12-20-2017 15:02:36 | Show all posts
ram replied at 8-12-2017 22:00
Hi All,

Good Afternoon.

Use "Disk" program (Linux) to make the USB.
Select the USB Drive on the Right.
then the 3 cogs button (options)
In the drop down menu select ...Restore partition image
Find the .ISO file and BINGO.
The USB will now boot.

I Used "Ubuntu Mate 17.10" everything works except for sound.
BIOS is set to "Windows 8.1"(other choise is Android). as there is no Linux option.

The headphone jack and the speakers don't work... Yet.
For the Sound - USB Headphones.
"Razer Kraken USB" is my choice.

Have your USB in the Lapbook.
To get into BIOS hold down "ESC" then press Power button.
Goto Boot Menu.  
The USB should be in the list. Use the + key to move it to the top.
F4 = save and exit.
Now you should boot from the USB.

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