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What a shame that Chuwi don't want to respond to the customer suggestions???

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Krazy_PR|Post time:5-31-2017 08:25:40 View:458|Reply:3

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It is a shame that Chuwi don't want to respond to thecustomer suggestions and needs. Right now I am a proud owner of a Chuwi Hi12and in reality I don't need the SurBook, but as many in here and in Indiegogowe like the SurBook but will like to see some improvements done to the systemlike OGS (One Glass Solution) full lamination technology like in the ChuwiHiBook Pro. It is not like Chuwi haven't done this type of display before???Also the other option that many people is asking for is to be able to add anIntel Core M3 7Y-30 Kaby Lake as an option for an additional price and based onall the comments that I have seen in the VIP pre-campaign and the ones here inIndiegogo a good majority of us would like this option. I am willing to payextra for the OGS and the Kaby Lake, even if it means that I had to wait an additionalmonth or two to get what I really want. If Chuwi was transparent with theirproducts they could tell us when they will be able to provide those updates andtheir customers can decide to buy this version of the SurBook or the nextgeneration or however they want to handle this issue. If I have to wait fortheir next tablet with the right specifications for my needs then so be it Ilove my Chuwi tablet. But why wait when Chuwi could still work these options inthis current build.


Carlos Medina


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Hackerjac| Post time 5-30-2017 21:08:31 | Show all posts
And here i'll answer the same as i did in the other trend where you also was complaining

TBH, did you really think the specs would have changed on the upcomming SurBook ?

Who say Chuwi doessen't listen to the things ppl have written on the suggestion site, you can't just change the CPU, its not the same socket for m3 and N3450, so they have to use another Motherboard, Chuwi have investet alot of time and money in this SurBook development and its ready for mass production, so ofcaurse they just don't drop it and start over caurse ppl want to see a m3 cpu and OGS screen

But you might be lucky later this year, there should be comming a SurBook Pro, i don't have any specs at this time, but maybe they have listen more than you think, i really don't know, only time will tell
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emily| Post time 5-31-2017 01:07:34 | Show all posts
Hi, friend

Chuwi Surbook specs have been fixed. So we can't change anything for Chuwi Surbook. But we will collect customer' needs, and meet customer's needs as much as possible when we produce next product in future.  Thanks for your support!
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Krazy_PR| Post time 5-31-2017 08:25:40 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
I am not complaining, all I was trying to do was for Chuwi to be more forthcoming with their customers. Why it's so hard for Chuwi be transparent with their customers and just quit misleading us into thinking that there could be some options available, why even bother to ask???
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