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Hi12 Win10 not seeing SD Card

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mhlangensiepen|Post time:6-28-2017 11:35:54 View:1245|Reply:5

Does anyone have a fix for the SD card driver issue? My Hi12 was working fine and then after a reboot, it stopped recognising the SD card. The SD card works fine in another computer and I have tried other SD cards with the same result. Device Manager shows 2 devices under Storage Controller - both are labelled SD Storage Class Controller but one shows an exclamation mark. If I try disabling, deleting, re-installing etc, nothing works. The one shwon with the question mark says 'The Device cannot start (code 10)"

Driver installers such as the Snappy Driver Installer fail. Updating drivers with the normal dialogue also fails. The SD port itself is fine as it works in Android mode.

Any ideas please?



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manonegra222| Post time 6-2-2017 02:07:45 | Show all posts

No, so far no solution has been found:
Chuwi Moderator
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mhlangensiepen| Post time 6-2-2017 21:13:47 | Show all posts
Thanks  for the link - much appreciated
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AdamKosterski| Post time 6-16-2017 07:45:34 | Show all posts
Hi - one solution seems to uninstall the sd card controller/driver and reinstall by scanning for hardware changes - please see here
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DigitalMD| Post time 6-26-2017 06:45:00 | Show all posts
Edited by DigitalMD at 6-26-2017 09:50

This is a problem not related to ChuWi specifically. It appears across many notebook computers / tablets including the Microsoft surface line.
It appears to be a Microsoft Windows 10 / Intel Atom CPU related problem. These CPU have a specific common chipset that included the SD card reader.
The drivers that get loaded for this are old Microsoft generic drivers from 2006. These drivers seem to have a problem with this hardware. Neither Microsoft nor Intel have addressed this problem.
DO NOT SEND YOUR HI-12 back to ChuWi for this issue, they cannot fix it. You will waste your time and money.
Instead lobby MicroSoft to fix this. It affects their Surface tablets too.
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DigitalMD| Post time 6-28-2017 11:35:54 | Show all posts
There appears to be a workable solution see new thread ... p;tid=4423#lastpost
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