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[Answered] Ordering Hi10 Plus - Need answers

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alelock|Post time:6-10-2017 14:21:42 View:739|Reply:7

Edited by doodzilla at 6-7-2017 10:29


I am thinking about ordering the Hi10 Plus. What are the major drawbacks to this system as it sits today? This will be mostly used for media (youtube, webex, streaming) and web browsing with some light programming from time to time (Python and Java.)

Thank you,

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manonegra222| Post time 6-6-2017 12:00:24 | Show all posts
For the destinations that indicate this tablet will have a good behavior, also counting on a huge battery that will give you more than 8 hours of uninterrupted use.
I think it's a wise choice.
Chuwi Moderator
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byzeta| Post time 6-6-2017 16:18:29 | Show all posts
For the cases that are mentioned is a great option.
Disadvantages? It is not designed to play heavy games.
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doodzilla| Post time 6-6-2017 18:28:35 | Show all posts
I've had mine for 2 months.

Lemme spit out some stuff off the toppa my head: One issue is SD card compatibility (Even the SD card that came with my Hi10 Plus disappears from detection from time to time).

Also the Miracast is unreliable. But if you won't use it, fine for you then. The mini-display port functions well so if you want to project to an extra screen or an external display, just use wires.

7 gigs of usable internal storage in Android and around 18 gigs in Windows 10 after a fresh re-install of Win10 (I'd forgotten how much usable memory there was in Win10 out of the box). The pen has no pressure sensitivity.

The camera is only 2MP front and back.

No full size USB ports on the main tablet. Main tablet has USB Type-C for charging and data but only transfers data at USB 2.0 speeds. Has Micro usb port but you can't use it for charging.

Weak microphone, but usable. Weak speakers but thru DFX equalizer in Windows it becomes serviceable (still figuring out how to do this DFX effect in Android for all sound.) Bluetooth pairing can be inconsistent (maybe not Chuwi's fault).

DFX equalizer download link: ... _Incl_Patch_Keygen_[SadeemPC]

metal rear body may be durable as being metal but it scratches easily so get a tablet case, asap.

when you first boot it up, and you be switchin' between OS'es you will notice the time and time zone in Windows 10 to be wrong always on startup. Here's a link to a short vid to fix it:

If you plan on getting a keyboard, I recommend you finding its metal rotary keyboard. The other more common magnetic folding flap keyboard has been reported to scratch the screen protector over time when closed. Reference:

Feel free to ask more. I think for your purposes, you'll find this device capable for yo needs. I recommend to try and find a way to boost general audio volume in Android. I haven't figured this out yet.

Again the above remarks are off the top of my head with a little quick rebrowsing of previously used links. Maybe I'll revisit this when I have more free time and send you a more thorough assessment/review or you can keep asking. Cheers.

P.S.: Have you considered the HiBook Pro for its epic screen and perfect aspect ratio for watching/streaming most movies?

It will be less fluid of an interface because of so much resolution for an Atom processor and its got no pen support and also its more rectangular aspect ratio is less conducive to web browsing in portrait mode.
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emily| Post time 6-6-2017 23:20:05 | Show all posts
hello, i also find some reviews about hi 10 plus: ... rface/#5067f19a3f0f
hope this can help you, however, if you want to use java and python, maybe the new chuwi 12.3 laptop is a better choice  or a chuwi hi 13 tablet
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alelock| Post time 6-7-2017 06:19:47 | Show all posts
Thank you, everyone, for the responses.
@Doodzilla: Seems like a ton of compromises to make. Knowing that it's a sub-$200 product, do you still find it enjoyable to use?
@emily: I would love the hi13, but it pushes the budget too much. Since this will never be a primary device, it's hard to justify that amount, as much as I would like to.

Thank you,
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doodzilla| Post time 6-10-2017 08:19:46 | Show all posts
Edited by doodzilla at 6-11-2017 00:21
alelock replied at 6-7-2017 22:19
Thank you, everyone, for the responses.
@Doodzilla: Seems like a ton of compromises to make. Knowing ...

Yes. My biggest con is the SD card functionality. Maybe if I buy a Samsung SD card it will work. It's for now looking like it's still solvable.

All-in-all? Yes I still enjoy using this product. It's a beautiful machine! A dual boot laplet (laptop first, tablet second) device. I think its main selling point is the dual boot function, which has never faltered in my case. I wish its Android part supported Pokemon Go tho hehe... I sometimes second-screen project to a 600p big old monitor screen.. a 600p screen compared to the 1200p screen of the Hi10 Plus is a very noticeable difference.. Chuwi makes beautiful screens (via the high ppi's) hehe.

The speakers in Windows thru DFX tuning is decent enough for movie watching without volume problems.

I think you'll enjoy the Hi10 Plus.

Your words: "This will be mostly used for media (youtube, webex, streaming) and web browsing with some light programming from time to time (Python and Java.)"

For these purposes the Hi10 Plus delivers well. I think I was able to get a solid 6 hours of offline youtube video watching thru offline videos while using a headphone. circa 33% battery life afterwards. I have no complaints with battery life.

I must tell you tho: it's big. Are you sure you don't want a smaller screen? I myself appreciate the bigger 3:2 aspect ratio 10.8" big screen for work purposes (article writing) and comic book reading purposes (tho i still think the bigger Hi12 is better for this despite the extra bulk).

Oh I'm still in love with the Hi12. Getting one on 11/11 black friday of China. just gonna use this Hi10 Plus as a beta testing machine for new windows 10 updates in the fast ring of the windows 10 insiders club when Hi12 arrives.
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daand12| Post time 6-10-2017 14:21:42 | Show all posts
The Hi10 plus is ok for browsing the internet and playing some older games.
Also Chuwi has set the ram speed to 1066mhz, where it can do 1600mhz.

so went into the bios and set it to the correct speed.

Battery life is very good, lasts between 6-10 hours. Depends what you do on it.
Will get rid of Android (Waste of space ), all tho i have a 128gb micro sd card in it.

downside is slow charging. I like to see a qualcom quick charge 2.0 in there, or a 5v 6amp charger.
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