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chuwi hi10 plus charging problem

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a.harati1993|Post time:6-6-2017 20:32:11 View:774|Reply:1

Edited by a.harati1993 at 6-6-2017 21:09

i just recieved my hi10 plus about a week ago.
from the first day it didn't charge properly or none at all(2 percent at most in 6 hours)
so i changed the charger it did okey for two days then again it showed charging problems and sometimes it freezes when i turn on the screen while charging(the screen doesnt turn on or it gets really distorted ) and when I dissconnect the cable the charging flash light stays on so I have to restart it .

I installed the charger tester sometimes it gets enough current and it cahrges to a houndred percent but sometimes the current drops to 240 or even -200, its at these time that it crashes. What I wanted to know is can this be a cable problem or its my tablet? because i have to send it back tomorrow I don't have enough time to buy a new cable.

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Techdragonz| Post time 6-6-2017 20:32:11 | Show all posts
Edited by Techdragonz at 6-7-2017 05:34

I assume it's a tablet issue by the look of it...
Also check this post: Link
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