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Problem with my Chuwi, unstable on heavy use, random shut down

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Ether|Post time:6-9-2017 03:52:26 View:882|Reply:14

I had my chuwi hi12 since decmeber 2016, had quite a great time with it, but battery life was never great, I only have about 4 hours of battery life rather than 10 hours of battery life in some forums peopla claimed.. I did some tweak on the tablet like changing the ram frequency or enabling gfx boost etc, it may improves a little of performance but it cost with some instability like sometimes it didn't want to turn on or sudden shut down etc, so i decided to turn it back to defaults.

After 4 months of use, my battery seems like worn off, it pretty much depends on charging adapter, it will not survive even 10 minutes in battery mode. then it becomes worse, I noticed a gap on the tablet, which proved to be a swollen battery. i decided to open it and remove the battery.

I thought it was the end of my tablet life. But after wandering around in some Chuwi forums out there, some people seems like having the same problem as mine, and gave a contact link for a replacement battery.
Then I bought the 12.000 mah battery with suitable size to fit in from aliexpress and replace it by myself. it is not that complex so i did my own soldering and replace thebattery with the new one.

and wallah! it alives again. But what surprises me was the battery life is more or less the same with the original battery, about 4 hours only. This new battey is like giving the tablet a new life. I used it for another 4 months now.

Now is like the symptoms recall. the tablet may shutdown suddenly in heavy use, but could survive a mild use until 10% bar. this situation is quite similar with 4 months ago where things not yet get worse on totally depends on the charging battery.

Since it is related to heavy use, i decided to download realtemp apps to monitor my cpu temp. But it seems stable on 60-75 degrees and still very far away from critical temp. beisides, the problem only happens in battery mode, not in charging mode. i think it is not a temperature problem.

could anyone  give me any advice? is this really a battery problem? or power line problem? or voltage problem? or cpu problem? or probably a bios problem? have any advice?

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Ether| Post time 6-7-2017 01:28:41 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Mine is chuwi hi12 dual boot x8300
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manonegra222| Post time 6-7-2017 09:37:12 | Show all posts
From what you describe it seems that you have a typical battery problem that has lost its capacity. If you install an app as a battery bar you will see the actual capacity and wear and tear that has occurred.
I do not know how you are using your tablet, but I do say that it is not intended to be used with the charger connected to the power. It happens just like with mobile phones: using it plugged into the charger causes the batteries to overheat and lose their effectiveness and swelling.
You can only solve your problem with the installation of a new battery and make a correct use.
Chuwi Moderator
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Techdragonz| Post time 6-7-2017 09:59:36 | Show all posts
Edited by Techdragonz at 6-7-2017 19:02

Here is a download to batterybar: BatteryBar
You can use it to check the battery wear, the input charge, the current it draws, ect. Very handy tool!
Your battery did wear off fast though... Usually I can do about a year with a battery and then another year before I get the start-up message that my battery wear has become to big.

About the instability + batterylife:
I assume you tried to speed up your tablet. This can result in faster battery depletion as you obviously will be using more power. If I put my powerplan to High performance it will drain my battery very quick, but if I use balanced or Power saving, it will already increase by a lot.

Also increasing clock speeds can result in shut-downs/ instability. Try running  it stock and see if this still happens.

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technisol| Post time 6-7-2017 10:18:00 | Show all posts
I'd say, "define heavy use."  If that means powering external hard drives or other devices with the display cranked up to high brightness then far less than ten hours would be expected.  Mine is usually run while on the power adapter and I've had no issues (received it late last May, or early June.)   I run it on 25% brightness most of the time and the other day ran it off battery and the battery still seems to be holding up well -I didn't time it, forgot to plug it in, but it ran for several hours with 40-50% battery left, but I was only web browsing or maybe reading some comics.  To be fair ten hours use is more likely to be low powered use with brightness on 25% or so.  The display backlighting can consume a lot of power.
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Ether| Post time 6-9-2017 00:07:44 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Thank you for the reply guys..
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Ether| Post time 6-9-2017 00:13:51 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Actually I had replace my original battery with a new one.  It says 12.000maH in capacity. I've downloaded battery bar and it shows a 11.000+ of mWH. No battery wear (0%) on my new battery, and no swollen on the new one. My old one has been replaced by a new one and I installed it myself. It works fine. The battery life is the same as, in using it for browsing web or playing games. That is what I felt strange. So if I use it for just browsing with about 25% of brightness, it will last about 4 hours. Then I tried to use it playing games or watching movies with 25% of brightness and 100% volume, it will also last about 4 hours too.. Maybe just differs about 15-20 minutes if compared to the browsing activity only. I use it quite a lot for playing games, browsing, downloading etc. So it is very frequently plugged in. Because if I didn't do so, it will wear off in only 4 hours of battery life. I read in some forums, some user claim that it can last 10 hours and even some may be more than that.
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Ether| Post time 6-9-2017 00:22:58 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
About the tweak in my bios, I did tweak it a little bit when I bought it, but when it proves to be unstable (some random shutdown, unable to turn on, a little bit of heat up) then I reset the bios to default settings. What is interesting is, there is no quite difference between tweaking and battery life. It last about 4 hours too. I also did a calibration to my battery using safe mode and let it go off by itself. It ends around 4 hours too... Actually 4 hours is probably still the same battery life until now. But what is different now from 4 months ago (when I bought the new battery)  is it may sometimes suddenly turn off without notice even I only use it in 1-2 hours. When I tried to turn it on again, I need to plug the charger and hit the power on button. When I already inside the windows, I can plug it off and last for another hours until it depleted off 10% below. But this is really depends on what I'm doing with the tablet. If I use quite some apps, or playing games, or watching movie with speaker, this might trigger another sudden turn off even before depleted to 10%. But if I manage to use it mildly like browsing the Web, reading ebooks, office, etc it may last until it depleted. This is the same symptoms as my original battery wear off and got swollen. What intrigues me is it possibly not Only about battery issue, but also probably bios or something else's problem. The battery wear still showing 0% so I guess the battery is still good enough until right now. But the symptoms of future failing battery is highly probable
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Ether| Post time 6-9-2017 00:34:17 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
technisol replied at 6-7-2017 10:18
I'd say, "define heavy use."  If that means powering external hard drives or other devices with the  ...

Yesss this is true, but my use is almost always in 25% brightness or even below. But I use it quite a lot for playing games. Actually not a demanding games, it is about 5 years old games like civilization 5, xcom enemy unknown, and now even more simple games in 2D graphics like motorsports manager. This is very light games. As you know too this tablet won't be able to play such demanding games with only x5 processor... Oh yeah, plugging in external device NOW may instantly trigger a shut down too.. I plugged in my android phone to it, and less than a minute it goes off. Today I unrealizingly open a USB and open a file to edit it in photoshop, it takes less than 5 minute to turn it off.. Wow that is something wrong with it. I'm not sure, do I really need another battery? Because I may assume the same problem as before, because the battery is already the second one, with no improvement compared to the original one
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mercu| Post time 6-9-2017 03:52:26 | Show all posts
Which replacement battery did you use? Would you mind linking? I have been looking for the same battery replacement ( at least the similar size like hi12).
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