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Logitech C920 webcam disconnects

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CHAK|Post time:6-8-2017 19:48:31 View:431|Reply:1

I have sent a support ticket for this issue, but so far no answer.
I have a Logitech C920 web cam that I want to use with this tablet, but it won't stay running. I know early issues of Win 10 caused the death of a lot of web cams, but I have 2 windows 10 machines that this cam runs fine on, one desktop and one laptop.
The camera starts fine, but then quits working after a while, then randomly starts back up. the windows troubleshooter for devices says the cam is not compatible with usb3, that can't be true because it works fine with USB 3 on my laptop. I tried to run it through the USB C port too, but nothing at all happens there. I see from other threads that port has issues with anything other than charging anyway.
I am regretting buying this tablet. It seemed like a nice unit at first. after I had to buy a charger because they sent me one for the wrong country, after I had to shave off the USB C plug ends to make it charge, after I found out the case was so warped that a tempered glass screen protector can't stick down because of all the air gaps in it, after having to reinstall windows because it quit working, after......sigh.
If I can't make the external web cam work it is absolutely useless to me as that is the entire reason I purchased it. I wanted to use it for laser training and the built in web cams are too low frame rate, and the rear one seems to have issues with always being "busy" so I can't use it for the program I do training with (and what is it doing to be "busy" since I am not using it?!).
Any help would be appreciated. If I had tackled this problem earlier I could have sent it back to Amazon, but now I am stuck with it.

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emily| Post time 6-8-2017 19:48:31 | Show all posts
hello, Chak, very thank you for you message, could you please contact the  customer service  :, they are a very professional team, i think they will solve you problem professional
have a good day
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