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Chuwi Lapbook inverted scroll

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Thissy117|Post time:6-11-2017 20:04:35 View:385|Reply:1


Does somebody know how to acivate the inverted scroll on he chuwi lapbook 14.1?
I have searched online but can't seem to get the same setting options as the other windows laptops.
My other laptop also has the option for the inverted scroll.
Please help, I am so used to inverted scrolling, it is starting to annoy me allot.

-thank you

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emily| Post time 6-11-2017 20:04:35 | Show all posts
hello, i am afraid that the 14.1 laptop has no screen rotation function,  but very thank you for you message, we will take this advice in mind, and make it better in our next laptop, have a good day
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