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Windows 10 Update - disk space

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Beckler|Post time:2-12-2018 07:53:18 View:2715|Reply:5

So the latest Windows 10 update that pops up checks the system and says there's not enough disk space on my Hi8 Pro.  Any solution to this?  Thanks.

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manonegra222| Post time 6-12-2017 08:41:05 | Show all posts
In order to update you will need to download the update, directly from the microsoft page, on a pendrive.
Once you have it run from there.
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Beckler| Post time 6-12-2017 17:03:14 | Show all posts
So I think the 'Upgrade Assistant' that pops up is for windows Creators Upgrade.  So I tried the media creation tool for that but it's not giving an option to create it on a usb drive or the sd card - even tho both are recognized and working in windows.  I also just tried downloading update files from the microsoft Update catalog - version 1703 (latest) and the previous one which windows Update mentioned.  Neither works and results in error 'doesn't apply to your computer'.  Have you actually done it on this tablet?
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loun.k| Post time 6-23-2017 13:19:33 | Show all posts
Edited by loun.k at 6-23-2017 13:20

I've done it on the 32 bit dual boot HI8 Pro using a USB hub (3.0 to 2.0, $4 on ali) and an 8GB installation USB flash drive created on another computer. You can download the media creation tool from Microsoft here: .

Neither the anniversary nor the creator's update would install on my tablet without wiping apps and user data. Keeping user data or both would result in an error code during boot and an automatic rollback.

When using an USB flash drive you still need 5+ GB of free space on the tablet's system partition which can be hard. Some tricks to get the required free space:

Disable the hibernate file by running this form an elevated command prompt (gives at least 1 GB):
Open an elevated command prompt and type:
powercfg -hibernate off

Reduce the page file for another GB:,2911-4.html
I recommend capping it temporarily to 256 MB, disabling it might cause problems on a low memory device.

Use the built in disk cleanup utility (cleanmgr) to remove crash dumps and other data (Windows Update). My first generation Hi8 tends to shut down unclean or crash during hibernation which generated huge (500MB+) crash dumps.

I think it's worth upgrading the tablet. It got slightly faster. Windows found all drivers on Windows Update and is actually smaller in size. I have around 9,5GB of 15 free on the boot drive (with hibernate disabled, 32 bit Windows). I couldn't even get close to that with older Windows 10 versions.
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Motobot| Post time 6-23-2017 14:06:30 | Show all posts
Hello Beckler,
'doesn't apply to your computer'

This is because you made a mistake when choosing 32-bit or 64-bit for your Windows 10 ISO file.
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Beckler| Post time 2-12-2018 07:53:18 | Show all posts
Edited by Beckler at 2-13-2018 15:49

Thought I would update this thread.  Maybe something has changed in Windows but the update window that comes up and says there isn't enough space, had option to use external storage.  It didn't see my inserted micro SD card, even though it was detected normally in Explorer.  But it did successfully use a USB thumb drive and about 3 hours later, Fall Creator's update is installed, Windows 10 ver. 1709.  My C drive before update only had 4.5GB free, and now 4.4GB.  (And now with 'previous version' deleted, over 6GB free.)

Make sure battery is fully charged.  I had to redo it twice because of battery.  You need a USB OTG cable for the thumb drive, but you need a multi connector one that can charge at the same time.  The cheap one I have won't work (it used to though) so had to use a single-port one and do it on battery power.  Halfway thru when it prompts for a restart, swap out the USB drive and charge tablet fully then reconnect, restart.
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