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matt.hiscock|Post time:6-13-2017 02:55:21 View:597|Reply:2

Hi All

I have a hi12

It 'appears' to have a screen protector on it, which has been stuffed a little.
So I was going to get a replacement film or glass (per someones recommendation)

So looked at removing the screen protector on it, and man its stuck down, like really stuck down.
I can see the edges of it - and to be clear this was on the tablet when I purchased it

So now im wondering if this really is a protector or part of the screen itself

Any tips on this, the removal, or am i being thick
Any recomendations on a replacement would be great also.



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Somnus| Post time 6-13-2017 01:46:19 | Show all posts
Hi dear,

It"s a  protector, you would better tear off the film completely , and then buy a tempered film for you tablet. After you paste the tempered film, the touch may be not sensitive sometimes, it is normal.

I hope it can help you, my friend.

Best Regads,
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mercu| Post time 6-13-2017 02:55:21 | Show all posts
I made the exactly same "rookie mistake" to doubt if that protector was a actually a  part of the screen when I bought my hi12 a while ago. No, it's a protector but they put it there so well so it feels like it's a part of the screen.

How did I remove it?

You have to be gentle and use something like this:

Go very gentle between the SP and the screen itself, and just a little bit only, don't go too deep , just peel that small amount of layer off and the use your nail and finger to do the rest of the job.

This is just a starter and don't worry, you will not scratch your screen if you are being gentle and just slightly use this as a initiator and then taking over the rest of the job with your own fingers.

This is how I did it, no scratch.

For tempered glass, I would recommend you to use this one: ... ch/32704090295.html

Best choice of my life. And you use it together with the keyboard dock, leaves no crack or anything, very durable. Cannot be better.
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