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Vi10 2g+32G Single OS Windows only

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flhsznlnv|Post time:6-19-2017 06:52:04 View:596|Reply:2

Hi PRO users. Windows 10 is huge, and keeps getting bigger, even if I disabble all updates and such, after removing all components not needed. Therefore I would like to reinstall the system with only Window os, since I am not using android on it. Is it even possible? Can I install Windows 7 on it? If not, Can I install Windows 10 Ultimate on it? ARM type windows is needed or normal works too? Where can I find drivers? Is there a detailed "howto" about it? Please help, answer my questions. Thank you all

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manonegra222| Post time 6-15-2017 03:03:06 | Show all posts
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I have dedicated to transcribing the process reported by the devilnevercry forum user to remove Android and leave Windows the total eMMC available:

Well, I explain how I did to leave the tablet only with Windows, the entire hard drive for:

The Windows that I used download it from here ... typeid%26typeid%3D2

Each one depending on the serial number of your tablet should download one or the other, important this since it does not finish the installation if you use any other, the following is to format a usb and format NTFS

Once you have it copy and paste the files of the downloaded file as it is, without drivers or anything, without changing anything, I formatted it called WinPE, which is how I saw it renaming a Russian in a video, for having everything the same

The following is with a Hub, plug in the usb and keyboard, at boot then press F7 until a box where you select the usb, press enter and already the only create / delete partitions and others, it is not the typical Windows installation, but An MSDOS species window that shows the progress%, do not turn off the tablet during the process, so doing with it fully loaded, it takes quite a while.

Once the process is finished, just configure your new Windows

To remove the dual boot menu, from Windows, click on the icon go Android and asks you to confirm the change, as you cancel and you get a box that puts the marks, and removes the boot menu.
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flhsznlnv| Post time 6-19-2017 06:52:04 | Show all posts
Thank You for your information. I started to download the files, when I saw, this is Win8 in the link. My Vi10 has Win10 on it. I have found win10 download, but it is for Vi10Ultimate. How can I specify what type my Vi10 is? So I use the correct drivers and such.
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