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Dear Chuwi

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Alkatsu|Post time:6-19-2017 09:02:07 View:499|Reply:1

Dear Chuwi,

Why do you want to take out a 2-in-1 tablet at all costs when you can make it the most complete tablet on the market?
Why do you just do the minimum when you can do much better by listening to the opinions of consumers?
Indiegogo is a chance for you to understand what Western consumers expect from you and your tablets so why do not you listen to us?

You could become THE reference of Chinese tablets by being the first to provide the choice of language for your keyboards because it is a real problem that you do not understand, a problem that rejects millions of Europeans who do not want to import PCs or tablets 2-1 because of an unusable keyboard. You could propose REAL ALTERNATIVES to the pro surface.

Thousands of students would dream of having a REAL alternative to the pro surface for € 500. But to break into this market you will have to adapt the language of your keyboards. It costs you seriously to add accents and move 3 keys seriously? Continue to make just right products and everyone will confuse you with other Chinese brands like Teclast or Cube, or listen to what consumers around the world want and people will remember you.

Show us what you really know how to do Chuwi, you are capable of.

Thanks for reading me.

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manonegra222| Post time 6-19-2017 09:02:07 | Show all posts
Edited by manonegra222 at 6-19-2017 18:03

I share the requests that you indicate in your thread.
A brand that values itself should be very clear which is your target audience and should know how to value your requests.
Feedback is an essential tool to define the objectives and characteristics of products.
Chuwi has opened threads, apart from crowdfunding, which is about a product already designed, soliciting the opinions of the consumers in terms of characteristics and formats most demanded.
I invite you to participate in them by contributing your ideas that I guarantee you will be studied, in order to get, among all, a reference mark.
Thank you for your support and please participate:
Chuwi Moderator
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