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Chuwi Hibox - Disastrous performance

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Fskng|Post time:6-24-2017 05:57:17 View:664|Reply:2


I recently received my Chuwi Hibox and I have to say that I'm really disappointed. The performance is really really bad, both on Win 10 and Android. Here are all the problems I ran into :

- Everything is laggy : Moving the mouse, opening a folder, etc...
- Wifi has very poor performance (can't get past 1.0 Mb/s), yet I have Fiber. Also no 5Ghz.
- Watching a youtube video is not possible in Edge, Chrome and Firefox. Always laggy.
- Watching a 1080p in VLC, MPC or even the native player is not possible. It's choppy and have very poor performance (same problem on Android)

I've tried updating Windows 10 since Windows Update forced me to anyway. It took 4 hours !!

Did anyone have the same issues and know how to fix them please ?
If not, I might just as well return the product since it's unusable right now.

Thank you in advance for your advice, and sorry for my clunky english. (I'm french)

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emily| Post time 6-22-2017 19:13:02 | Show all posts
hello, i find a review told how to use the hi-box, hope can help you,
of course , if any other questions, you can also contact their customer service:
have a good day
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Fskng| Post time 6-24-2017 05:57:17 | Show all posts
Chuwi customer service did not respond, unfortunately.

But I kept doing some tests and I realized that the display is limited to 30Hz in 4K (Limited by Hdmi 1.4, I guess).
Everything is much smoother in 1080p60Hz, but some videos (1080p) are still stuttering which is kinda annoying and Wifi is still mediocre. Which is wierd because my Hi12 plays them perfectly.

Maybe I should have just spent more money and bought a Nvidia Shield or something.
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