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Wifi range problem

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peggy18|Post time:3-14-2018 17:57:31 View:1294|Reply:7

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My HI13 suffers  from a bad wifi signal since the beginning. It is 6 times lower than my other devices, and totally unstable. Almost unusable when I'm not within 4m around the router.
I upgraded the bios to the latest .14 : no change
I installed the last Intel Wifi and bluetooth drivers : no change.
I disabled the bluetooth and power savings : no change
I removed the back plate to check if it was an antenna problem : without the backplate the signal is 5 times better, I would say equal to my other devices.
I'm pretty sure it is an antenna problem. I googled about this, I could see that many chuwi users (having other products than HI13) have wifi problems linked to a bad antenna assembly.

What should I do now? My hi13 is almost useless without wifi.

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MemberChuwi| Post time 11-4-2017 16:25:43 | Show all posts
I'm using powerlan and a powerlan accesspoint. I can carry that around and plug it in any room I need WLan, even outside. Covering several rooms with a single accesspoint isn't working for me with most devices. But with the accesspoint in the same room as Hi13 I didn't notice much problems. Windows reports excellent signal strength and all seems to work ok.

Powerlan isn't the fastest network but it's fast enough for usual internet. It's approximately like 100 MBit/s cable. But coverage is usually less critical than WLan.

If one needs the fasted network possible cable is still to be the option of choice because it works without any interference. Today 1 GBit/s networking isn't that expensive and you can get 10 GBit/s stuff too.
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emily| Post time 6-26-2017 01:06:25 | Show all posts
maybe you can contact their customer service: , and buy a new antenna, there is no other store sell it because only them has the factory, hope this can help you, have a good day
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amichael| Post time 8-2-2017 01:30:50 | Show all posts
This is a well-known problem with any all-metal device. Did you notice how MacBooks have that plastic Apple icon? It's because the Wi-Fi antenna is behind that, and the plastic lets radio waves through. The Surface Pro has a plastic strip along the top. A lot of phones have a plastic or glass element near the top where the antenna is.

The Hi13 has no such window, so your best bet is to sit with the Wi-Fi sort of behind you and a bit to the side (your body will block the signal, too). The glass face is probably the only part of the tablet that will let the signal through fine.

(It would probably be possible to mod the case to attach an external antenna or replace a section of the aluminum with plastic, but that would be difficult and would void the warranty. This is one of the few real design issues about the Hi13.)
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David_S| Post time 11-4-2017 04:17:10 | Show all posts
My experience has been that I have a decent connection at approx 4 metres from my router which is in the next room. When I tried it out at my parents, the connection was flaky because the router was upstairs at the front of the house and I was downstairs at the back, meaning that the signal had to get pass diagonally through several walls, a floor and a network of electrical cables and copper water pipes.
The most pragmatic solution might be, if you can't be close to the router, buy a wi-fi extender.  
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MarylandUSA| Post time 3-3-2018 15:56:14 | Show all posts
I greatly improved my Hi13's Wi-Fi by raising the gain level in Windows:
Power  and Sleep > Advanced power settings > Change advanced power settings > Wireless adapter settings > Power saving mode > On battery > Maximum performance
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MemberChuwi| Post time 3-12-2018 03:25:45 | Show all posts
How does 'gaining up' impact battery life?
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MarylandUSA| Post time 3-14-2018 17:57:31 | Show all posts
Edited by MarylandUSA at 3-15-2018 14:29
MemberChuwi replied at 3-12-2018 06:25
How does 'gaining up' impact battery life?

I would estimate that using Wi-Fi at full gain has reduced my available "time on battery" from 5.0 hours to 4.6.
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