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[Success Story][Hi13]++ Basics Finally Okay

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ZenBalancer|Post time:8-2-2017 03:58:51 View:718|Reply:5

Edited by ZenBalancer at 3-31-2018 13:19

TLTR: Chuwi Hi13 + original accessories worth it to me for that price + import taxes.

I received my magnetic rotary keyboard and 2x HiPen H3 styli (Official Chuwi AliExpress store) way before the Hi13. GearBest had supply issues and communication issues in this case, that forced me after a month to wait another month for my order from BG/Banggood. And despite useless EMS tracking and not free, I received my Hi13 and customs payment was paid. It was worth it to finally have the Hi13.

Out of the box everything looks good. Small minor finish or accidental manufacturing issue on the keyboard corner isn't even in my view while working on the Hi13 with it, and thus is trivial imperfection, that even mighty HP had it with my laptop back in 2011 with a different "finishing issue".

I upgraded the BIOS of the Hi13 from 1.02 to 1.04 while troubleshooting screenbrightness not being responsive to software and FN key usage. Read somewhere on the forum about a different model that factory reset is the best solution. So presuming that I downloaded the factory reset files from the correct thread and subforum, and that indeed fixed my problem. I didn't perform a performance comparison before and after, because that's not my main concern. The Hi13 performs as expected. I set visual settings and advanced settings for best performance with a few exceptions like "Peek" feature. The tutorials and everything made by Emily and the team made things a breeze. My activity on the forum getting to learn the basics of the area helped a lot to trust in the process.

I added Cacheman Pro from Outertech (I've license for a long time for 5 personal computers) that was very handy. Because it gives me about 1GB of free ram when I free the RAM. That is after I've loaded up everything I need normally. I don't need much for my use-cases. Cacheman is much better and advanced memory manager than Windows even that of 10.

As a reader with Adobe Reader DC and Sumatra PDF option during installation to show thumbnails of PDFs in Explorer and other local storage browsers, after struggling with the Adobe Reader DC option for it.

The screen real-estate is exactly as I hoped for, much, much better than my Surface Pro (1) especially the aspect ratio. Reading with it is satisfying. I added BattaryBar Pro and ClocX while setting my thick Taskbar on Autohide.

I'm very satisfied with docking and undocking of the Hi13. Pen support works fine for my use-cases, which currently are not many, reading more than writing or doodling. But I love the fact that I can just get out the pen and start working with it without yet another device on the go.

I've yet to get Synergy working for my overall setup, but that's on them. Configuration issues.

I also removed both the protective screen covers for best look and results from my viewpoint. I'm very careful with the screen, and use the keyboard in the bag the protect both it and the structural integrity of the device.

Overall about the Hi13 I'm very happy with it. The shopping process gone wrong is partially because Chuwi and GearBest messed up. I should have bought everything from the official Chuwi Store, but wanted to buy as cheap as possible, and that's on me.

I'm happy to conclude that it was a purchase worth the hassles, especially after I mastered the Windows 10 touchpad gestures, to get back my active Window after accidental "show desktop" gesture. 3 fingers down and the active window and others that were minimized but in the background are back on.

I'm satisfied with my Chuwi Hi13 laplet. And have written this post with it, although with some accidental cursors jumping around by touching the touchpad probably. I also love that extra keys on the keyboard, like context menu key to see spelling suggestions and navigate with the arrow keys. And the End key to get back to where I was writing if the writing cursor jumps upward by accidental touchpad touch. I've developed during this writing a tendency to "Arc" my hands over the touchpad to avoid accidentally touching it.

I'm sitting back on my bed, laplet supports most of the weight up to all of the weight of the screen when not angled back too much. I'm really glad I chose a laplet over a tabtop in this case. I'm working on making this Hi13 also a thin client for my "workhorses" remotely. So I can hopefully soon sit in the park and do some "computing heavy lifting" of my own with compiling big open source projects.

Edit: In a few moments, undocking to continue reading Java OCA exam preparation, multiple pages of the same book opened for reference on multiple Windows 10 virtual desktops thanks also to Adobe Reader DC "New Window" feature. /Edit.

Thank you for your attention. Any critique is welcome.

Good luck everyone. Will keep an eye here and there from time to time. Perhaps sooner than later. But I can't promise. Regardless, Thank You All for everything.

Edit: I recommend Adobe Reader DC Fullscreen mode and flicking pages upward and downward when reading the book. FoxIT Reader Full Screen mode is disappointing up until now. /Edit.

Edit2: One great advantage is also the low temperature (especially in comparison with Surface Pro [1]) and no fan-noise! I forgot to mention that here, but I went into most of such details in a post below. It's very pleasant to hold on to the Hi13 definitely in comparison to the Surface Pro (1). Taking the following into account (absolutely not an issue for me, but future improvements are welcome): Hi13 screen-size/weight relevant perspectives

TLTR: Chuwi Hi13 + original accessories worth it to me for that price + import taxes.

Edits: title, spellings, forum error recovery + clarity.
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emily| Post time 6-25-2017 19:00:05 | Show all posts
cool, i think it is a good review which can help our readers know more about the item, the user's courage is our best support, have a good day
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steward00| Post time 6-26-2017 02:07:43 | Show all posts
welcome back, @ZenBalancer, nice review
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ZenBalancer| Post time 6-26-2017 02:53:18 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Thank you all for your contributions to the community. (^=^)
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Techdragonz| Post time 6-27-2017 22:41:02 | Show all posts
Good to hear
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ZenBalancer| Post time 8-2-2017 03:58:51 | Show all posts
Just a quick update: the  settings for best performance actually make the tablet feel less intuitive, and it also contains one setting the disabled thumbnails and replaced with icons and that was my problem with not seeing the book covers in Explorer in the folder icons inlay/overlay. So I changed it back and ignore any slight micro-stutter.

Also Synergy has ssl config issues v1.8.8-stable, so turning that off makes it work with the Hi13 too.

Further I got lucky that the original charger died disconnected from the Hi13, and I'm a happy Aukey recommended charger in the essentials thread user.

I want to add that the Hi13 doesn't feel heavier than Surface pro 1, because I lean it on my body or folded leg etc..

And its standby energy efficiency is supurb compared to the surface pro 1. Hi13 can last days and days on standby if it needs. Maybe like uses 7% or less for a full 24 hours. While the surface pro 1 left on standby depleted within 2-3 days tops. That also has to do with double the uptime battery difference, but the Hi13 with much bigger screen is also clearly much more efficient than the old i5 etc.. in the surface pro.

I know I'm also blatenly comparing an orange with an apple, but that's what I've as an experiential reference. I'm happy with the Hi13 for it's battery and standby too.

It's great for reading and on the fly keyboard typing.

I got the case for it just to test and have it before it's no longer available, and I didn't like the feel of it in my hands at all. And found docking and undocking a much more prefered solution by how easy it is and how well it protects the Hi13 in my bag. The Hi13 feels much better in my hands without the protective case.

Big advantage over surface pro 1 is also the temperature in my hands, the Hi13 remains cool for reading! Even while charging! While the surface pro always warm in my hands even at half the cpu capacity set in power options. Especially when charging, sp1's temperature is very hot and uncomfortable.

The vast difference in screen surface area, PPI and aspect ratio, is like the difference between the sun and the moon. Hi13 encourages me to read. Sp1 encouraged me to find a better device. And I did, affordably.

But credit given where it's due, the build quality of the sp1 with laminated screen is superior to the Hi13. But that's not enough, and Hi13 is enough for me for a couple of years at least for my use cases. Mostly reading and typing. At some point I'll use the pen more often than now. I just feel so comfortable with reading with the screen, I don't notice that it's not laminated at that point. Only when staring at the edges, but that's not where the book's content is
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