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Problem With H1 Pen

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Eckethump|Post time:6-29-2017 04:05:25 View:431|Reply:3


I have just purchased an HI12 and also an H1 pen.  Dissapointingly I cannot get the pen to work for more than 10 secs.  If I remove and reset the pen battery - again the pen works for about 10 secs and then fails (does nothing).

I have read on these forums that the H1 pen is only compatible with certain H12s I really hope this is not the case as the pen was a main reason to buy an H12.

My serial number is DT2016010197 and part#64G45170402710  is this version of Hi12 compatable with any pen.


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emily| Post time 6-26-2017 01:09:34 | Show all posts
maybe the pen has quality problem, you can contact their customer service: , and ask them to send you a new one and try it again, have a good day
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Eckethump| Post time 6-26-2017 03:07:51 | Show all posts
Thanks for the response but you didn't actually answer my question.  I provided the serial numbers for my device to see if it is compatible before I start looking at the exchange route.
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Eckethump| Post time 6-29-2017 04:05:25 | Show all posts
Bought a second pen and that works fine.  Thanks for the (lack of) support.
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