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Problem with deep sleep

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jaiv|Post time:2-23-2018 06:27:05 View:4089|Reply:26

Motobot| Post time 7-11-2017 07:26:32 | Show all posts
Hello jaiv,
The tablet should go to sleep, because the SoC supports sleep mode and the bios allows to choose it (and also it's active by default).
After a little study of the problem, I'm forced to partially agree with your arguments.
You are absolutely right that the device must support sleep modes.
On the other hand you've investigated that S1-S3 ACPI system states are not supported. According to the datasheet atom-z8000-datasheet-vol-1.pdf, the SoC supports S0, S0i1, S0i2, S0i3, S4, S5 ACPI system states only. Therefore, ACPI sleep state with its possible values (S1, S3) presented in BIOS of Chuwi tablets is nothing more than a fiction from the manufacturer.
The tablet should work out of box without tweaking. Do you agree with that?

Theoretically it should be so. But in practice you have to improve it for yourself always. In particular, Windows out of the box from Chuwi is far from such perfection, unfortunately. Therefore, I always use Windows install file compiled by myself for clean install, as I advise you to do.
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jaiv| Post time 7-11-2017 07:36:48 | Show all posts
Motobot replied at 7-11-2017 07:26
Hello jaiv,
After a little study of the problem, I'm forced to partially agree with your arguments. ...

Hello Motobot,

Thank you for understand me, at least partially

I have done test with hibernation and the problem is the same as with sleep: it doesn't wake up.

As I said, it happens with two tablets: a z8300 and a z8350. On both OS, win10 and android. I have reinstalled from a clean image windows 10 on z8300 and it still happens.

So, I cannot hibernate or sleep the tablet. I think this situation is unaceptable and there are more people with this problem, but chuwi doesn't answer.

I have tried everything, from downgrade bios, to upgrade, reinstall windows, try forum drivers, windows drivers, intel drivers, windows 10 anniversary, windows 10 creators, and none of them worked...
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sunvenom| Post time 9-27-2017 00:46:32 | Show all posts
Hi, been following this thread and others for a while.

I have the same issue on stock Android 5.1, Win10
Also tried Remix 2.0, Win10 Creators Update, changing BIOS settings, flashing to the newest BIOS etc. etc.

Nothing seems to fix this issue.
And notice that this problem is prevalent for Hi8 and Hi10 Plus as well.

So all in all, Chuwi has no competence or interest to address this...

I'm going to be very vocal over here in my country to warn people about Chuwi SW and support quality.
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Motobot| Post time 10-18-2017 16:05:54 | Show all posts
Yesterday, a solution to the problem of sleep mode was found. Click
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andres| Post time 11-27-2017 13:57:15 | Show all posts
i think the only solution is never, NEVER buy chuwi product, in my case lesson learned. AND SPREAD THE VOICE in social media
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TeutonJon78| Post time 12-11-2017 15:34:12 | Show all posts
Thanks Motobot...that fix made my tablet work as it should. FINALLY. I would always kind of worry if it was going to turn back on. I could always make it come back on with some combo of hardware keys or doing the 30 sec hard reset press.

Not it works with just the 5 second power press like it should.

Of course, now is the issue BIOS, driver, or HW? The HW should work fine without needing to turn off the power save mode to the button interrupts.
HiBook Pro (CM12.1, W10 1803)
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chemvan| Post time 2-23-2018 06:27:05 | Show all posts
I have exactly the same problem with awakening. I noticed one feature that if the tablet is connected to charging, then the output from the sleep mode is without any problems. Taking into account that this problem is not for everyone, but for many, I tend to believe that the reasons are in the hardware part.
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