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Unable to power on or Charge Hi10

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Chris.Smith_IT|Post time:7-3-2017 22:53:47 View:629|Reply:3


I have raised a support case but no response, anyone else have a problem where Hi10 tablet does not charge and will not switch on.

only 6 months old and have tried different chargers and cables.

help please!



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manonegra222| Post time 7-3-2017 09:34:09 | Show all posts
Put on the charger and wait for at least two hours. Then check if the led lights up as a charge signal. After this time, press the power button for about 30 seconds.
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emily| Post time 7-3-2017 22:52:27 | Show all posts
hello, If your tablet can't turn on, please try to following methods:

1. Tablet without power (less than 1% of the electricity)
If you press the power button, you can plug in the adapter charging for half an hour to 1 hour then trying to boot to see whether there is improvement;

2. Adapter or data line is bad
In other equipment (such as mobile phones, equivalent current and voltage plate) to test whether the normal charge, if not normal, please replace the adapter, charging line.

3. False crash status
Plug in the adapter to  charge the tablet , charging time is about 1 hour ,then long press the power button for 15 seconds to reset, after 5 to 10 seconds to restart the tablet.

4. the press button is broken
The power button is broken, no touch, leading to the power button can't normal  be used, need to assemble the machine shell key or FPC ribbon cable again.

5. USB Charging Defective
You can check USB interface whether it is abnormal, such as damaged, pinhole offset, plug the USB cable charging and feel loose, you can be sure that  the USB interface is bad, resulting in plug-in adapter is not charging,  it need to replace USB interface;

6. the battery is bad
Plug in the adapter after the charge indicator has a flash, boot prompts 100% power, the adapter pulled out  it immediately shutdown, this phenomenon is a bad battery problem,  you can replace the battery;

7. the display is bad
Turn on the tablet, the back of tablet appear light display, forced long press the power button for 15 seconds can also appear a normal backlight prompts to turn off, the tablet this phenomenon is in consequence of bad display, you can replace the display;

8. the display FPC cable  is bad
The customer accidentally thrown  the tablet in the cause of using it, or the battery loose lead to the display FPC cable fall off,  resulting in the machine does not boot, need to disassemble the flat battery power and re-insert the FPC cable, or bad cable need to replace the cable.

9. BIOS drop out
Need to disassemble the machine with a jig on the computer to brush BIOS, it can not directly use U disk to operate;

10. bad motherboard
The motherboard is bad, and the hardware needs to repair
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emily| Post time 7-3-2017 22:53:47 | Show all posts
If tablet can't charge electrictity, please follow these methods below:

1. You can check the adapter output voltage, current (5V / 3A) and the plate is matching (5V / 2A) adapter; check whether the adapter has power output.

2. Check the charging interface if there is dust or oxidation phenomenon. If there is, you should scrape off the oxide on the surface, then you can solve the problem.

3. The temperature at 5 degrees Celsius below 45 degrees Celsius, the panel will start  low or high temperature protection function will automatically stop working.

4. Motherboard problems, such as short circuit, components burned and other hardware problems, please contact your seller and return it for repair.

More support, please feel free to contact
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