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Hibook Pro Windows not activated

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jayceyap|Post time:1-24-2018 18:29:50 View:1159|Reply:31

Thomastablet787| Post time 1-24-2018 17:50:24 | Show all posts
I have windows home, I have not installed anything , the tablet is new  ( no changes made ) KEYPRO says I have a license key installed but cannot find one in the  bios , windows says the key is not for this product . Error 0Xc004c008 - Windows says " go to the store and buy a license " . Why does Chuwi send a new device that is not activated for a proper licenses ? I have wasted 5 or 6 hours or more on this so far .
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Thomastablet787| Post time 1-24-2018 18:29:50 | Show all posts
windows troubleshooter says for error 0xC004C008 " this licenses has been used on another PC or used on more PCs than license allows " . I feel cheated at the moment .So many issues on chuwi forums on this . What is the fix ? This is not user error Fix = buy a license on ebay for 5 or 6 bucks ... That WORKS ! Too many license issue on this forum , not all Microsoft support - Goodbye
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