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Hi1 pen is "rapid shooting"

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Cybran|Post time:7-10-2017 02:01:03 View:338|Reply:2

the H1 pen which i got is rapidly shooting the button, while simply pressing it. Here is a Video showing the problem:
Is there a way to fix that ? I saw the video by chris from and doesnt have that issue.
Device: Hi12 Q64G4517040xxxx

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berezovy| Post time 7-10-2017 01:31:56 | Show all posts
maybe the pen has quality problem, you can contact their customer service: , and ask them to send you a new one and try it again, have a good day
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Cybran| Post time 7-10-2017 02:01:03 | Show all posts
The Reseller sent me another one, but it has a the exact same problem
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