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Removing windows from Chuwi hi12

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denisrudusa|Post time:7-11-2017 18:27:02 View:557|Reply:1

hi, I just got a chuwi hi12 with Intel 8350 for my mother but I was a bit shocked to only find 9.72 gb available in storage, Apparently all the hard disk is being consumed by Windows.

I have read threads where people tell of a way to remove windows but all these threads are either missing something or are in a different language.

Can anyone kindly tell me a straightforward step by step way of removing Windows and assigning the space to android, I’ll be extremely grateful.

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Motobot| Post time 7-11-2017 18:27:02 | Show all posts
Hello denisrudusa,
You can do GPT repartition of your eMMC drive by reflashing Android with a modified gpt.bin file. Click
Do not worry about that the link I added is for a different brand and model. This is what you need. You should download the ZIP file. Choose gpt_53g.bin and rename it to gpt.bin. Then replace original gpt.bin in your rom folder and reflash Android with Intel Phone Flash Tool. You should choose flash.json.
This allocate entire the eMMC drive for Android.
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