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Windows VPN does not work

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Barack_palinka|Post time:7-13-2017 18:35:57 View:339|Reply:1

Edited by Barack_palinka at 7-12-2017 09:27

Hi everybody!

I experience, that VPN protocols (OpenVpn, PPTP) do not work under Windows 10 on my Chwui hi12.
If I switch to Android mode there is no problem, openvpn and pptp vpn protocol both work.

- OpenVPN:
I have downloaded and installed OpenVPN for Windows 10 on my Desktop PC and on Chuwi hi12 tablet (Win 10) too.
I have set correctly the VPN server on my Asus router (RT-AC55U). I can connect to this router via VPN protocl from my Destop PC, from my Android mobile, from my iPhone, from my business laptop, but I can NOT connect to this router from Chuwi hi12 tablet under Win10. But I can connect from Chuwi hi12 under Android!

I tried to use the built-in PPTP protocl use by Windows 10.
Same situation: unsucceslful. But here the windows get me this message: port is not open. is strange: maybe the Windows 10 close the port?
(The router does not close the port for PPTP because I can connect to my router from my other device like PC, iPhone, laptop, etc....)

Could ysomebody know the reason and / or solution?

Thank you in advance!

Peter Bakk


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technisol| Post time 7-13-2017 18:35:57 | Show all posts
Well, if it works on the Hi12 in Android then it's not a hardware problem...  I think you need a Windows or VPN product forum.  Perhaps, Windows Firewall or Anti-virus settings are blocking something?  Look for any differences between the Windows installation on the PC and the Hi12?  Best of luck.
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