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Cannot use Auto-rotate due to G-sensor driver - cannot start (code 10)

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testype|Post time:8-9-2017 07:45:10 View:811|Reply:3

Edited by testype at 7-14-2017 18:31

When I boot my new Hi13 first time, it was fine to use auto rotate function,
but I updated bios to the latest (v1.14 and update windows 10 to 1703 (by automatic update),
Suddenly cannot use auto rotate and found that G-sensor (Kionix KXCJ9 3-axis accelerometer) marked as malfunctioned (yellow !) and said 'cannot start device (code 10)'.

What I did to resolve issue, none of them was worked.
1. re-install original driver on
2. download newer driver on (suddenly 2 devices appeared - one end with 'SPB' another one is just 'Kionix sensor fusion device')
3. re-install windows by using original image -
4. disable ambient light sensor

Is there anything I can do with it?
Any updated driver or bios?

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Techdragonz| Post time 7-16-2017 01:47:19 | Show all posts
As far as I know there is no updated bios.

To check for updated drivers, download Driver booster... Maybe there will be...

Also, might not be a bios issue, as nobody else had it. But might be related to the windows creators update you got...
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kyuu| Post time 7-20-2017 05:50:19 | Show all posts
I'm also having the same issues, I ended up running the bios update as well from:
I had a look at the date on the files and it's dated to April.

Can someone post a screenshot of what they have in device manager -> Sensors and Sensor I/o Devices?
It might shed some clues on how it used to look before whatever happened.

Had a tinker around followed a few different guides here and there and still nothing so far.
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ZenBalancer| Post time 8-9-2017 07:45:10 | Show all posts
What happened to this issue? I'm curious.
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