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Hi13 running hot and short batterylife.

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Japie|Post time:7-25-2017 00:58:42 View:1572|Reply:17

I really like my Hi13 but al sudden I have a problem with my Chuwi. The device is running hot and the touchscreen feels really hot too. Battery life is shortend to a maximum of 3 a 4 hours. By doing nothing it discharges within the 4 hours and feels hot. I reinstalled Windows with the build in reset. Batterymanager shows the full capacity but after a certain point it drops real fast. I will supply more information if needed.

Is it worth to examen the device by myself?

Thanks in advance.


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artowi| Post time 7-24-2017 03:41:56 | Show all posts
I had the same problem with 2 units of the CHUWI Hi 13 and my avatar picture is a thermal image of the Hi13 with 'hot spot' on the left side of the case near the USB screen.   
If you open the unit to check you loose your warranty, so don't do it!   I could not return my first unit to China because carriers will refuse to ship defective product with high capacity Lithium battery.   I opened and found the EJ898A USB PowerDistribution controller chip to have burned so I needed to buy a new mainboard from CHUWI to fix myself.   My second unit with same problem now is at an European repair center to get fixed.   
I cannot recall doing anything wrong or dangerous with my HI13 tablets.  Nothing but the original chargers were ever connected to the USB-C port.
In both cases there was a short noticiable smell of burned circuit right when it happend and it immediately got my attention because I work as electronic engineer and recognisze this specifice smell immediately.
After the chip has burned there are no other specific symptoms except the heating and short battery life. The Hi13 will still appear to work normally and charging via USB-C is working.

Just check if the source of heat on your tablet is in the same spot as shown in the thermal camera image I used for my avatar here.  If so, I bet you got a burned EJ898A chip on your mainboard.
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mbaruzzo| Post time 7-17-2017 14:39:53 | Show all posts
Did you check if in the task manager there is a process which is running in the background and makes the CPU usage at 100% ?
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emily| Post time 7-17-2017 20:02:33 | Show all posts
did you play heavy games? the Hi  13 use seventh-generation Intel Celeron N3450 processor, it can do most of the generally work, please check this:
have a good day
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Japie| Post time 7-18-2017 11:01:58 | Show all posts
Thank you for the replies. @ mbaruzzo, In the task manager i see nothing special at the moment. I know from the previous install the browser uses the biggest percentage of the battery. About 80% with doing nothing. To bad i lost the battery report so i need to generate one first. But i never had it on battery after that.
@ emily, I do not play games on the device.
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Techdragonz| Post time 7-24-2017 10:57:09 | Show all posts
Artozi, the hot spot you mention is just where the CPU and motherboard in general is located isn't it? It gets pretty warm with me too, but I suppose that is normal.  Nothing is broken with me.

I also don't recommend opening these tablets for repairing yourself. Don't risk losing warranty.

As for charging...I never really liked the stock charger...It sucks and you know it... One is better of buying a proper one.

Battery life is a very subjective matter. Me too.. I only get 3-4h. But I have to add to the story that I run the screen at 100% most of the time and am in the High performance profile, which probably explains this.
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Japie| Post time 7-24-2017 23:33:09 | Show all posts
Edited by Japie at 7-24-2017 23:35

Thanks for the replies. The hotspot is at the usb side. I do not mind it is running hot but I noticed de difference together with the battery drain. When I touch the aluminium near the usb it is uncomfortably hot. I used to get around 8 hours on max performance and screen at 25%  I can live with 4 hours but the problem is it is discharging just as fast when put to sleep as when turned on.

What I did is I ran some batteryapps and it shows a big drop in the graph when turned on. If I take the tablet with me and that is why I bought it. It is empty when I need it. Normally i would stay charged when i do not touch it. (with natural discharge of course and not 10/20% in a hour doing nothing. And warm while sleeping as well.

The charger is another thing. I treat usb always careful because once worn out it is pretty useless. But the connector of the charger teared apart without force. And when softly touched it shorts and resets the tablet. It happend once and i guess that was enough. That would be the first to replace if i get a new tablet.

It is exactly how you pictured it artowi and I wil listen to you guys not to examen it myself and see if they will repair my tablet.

Do i need to contact the reseller (Gearbest) or would Chuwi taking care of that?
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artowi| Post time 7-24-2017 23:54:45 | Show all posts
The heat from the processor is distributed by a metal shield evenly over a larger area and it is normal for the back cover to get moderately warm when the tablet is in use.   The defective chip is only 6x6mm size itself and it is located maybe 2,5 cm distance from the USB-C opening in the case.  There will be a very distinctive 'hot spot' and not only on the back cover but also on the front glass cover.  The broken chip will heat always when the mainboard is energized - no matter if high performance or sleep mode.   

I only dared to open the first unit after Gearbest made it mandatory to send back by regular mail but this is impossible so I lost 45€ on postage and got a sharp warning from German postal service not to retry sending large Lithium battery.   Before loosing everything I decided to open myself (I work as electronics engineer) and I could find the burned EJ898A right away.  Unfortunately this part is not sold anywhere seperately so my best choice was to buy a full replacement mainboard from CHUWI.     

I had expected this to be a rare 'bad luck' situation but my second Hi13 had exactly the same problem just few weeks later.  Meanwhile Chuwi has repair service in Europe and so I hope they will fix it.  Most likely the mainboard will be replaced since the repair service does not have the replacement chip either and the only option they have is replacing the full mainboard.  Make sure to backup all data and wipe personal information.

I will not use the original power adapter again.   I was surprised in the first place that it seems to be just an ordinary 12V DC power supply.

I just cut the DC cable of the original power supply and found it just has 2 wires (black/red) for the 12V DC inside.  No intelligent circuit to negotiate power between Power supply and Hi13.

Usually a charger like the ones recommended will start with 5V and negotiate with the connected device if it is ok to ramp up to higher voltage and exactly this is the job of the EJ898A (Power Delivery Controller) chip.  Its function is to power external devices and my suspicion is that it may just get in conflict with a 'dumb' power supply which will just pump in 12V at up to 2A no matter what.

My first unit with replaced Mainboard never was used with original power supply and so far it is doing well.

I think contacting CHUWI service is your best option.  Don't expect great help from Gearbest....
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artowi| Post time 7-25-2017 00:46:38 | Show all posts
Technical update:  Being an electronics engineer myself I am strongly interested to find out what went wrong so I decided to check more in detail on the original KEYU brand charger.   

I cut open the USB-C connectors black PVC jacket and found a tiny pcb inside directly soldered to the rear of the connector.  USB-C has 24 connections inside, 12 on the top and 12 on the bottom.

There is a capacitor and 56k Ohm resistor on the pcb and the 56k resistor feeds the 12V to the CC (power configuration) Pins which are used by the PD controller (power distribution controller).   

The connector with rigid pcb inside is rather flimsy and I think the risk of the solder connection between pcb and connector to break is high.  

The 12V are connected by 4 pins and it seems unlikely that all connections will be lost.   The signal via resistor only feeds to a single pin and it may fail with much higher chance.

My speculation is that if the CC signal telling the PD controller 'power is supplied' fails it leads to catastrophic 'misunderstanding' between PD controller and power supply with the result we have seen now several times.

I think  when using a normal USB-C to USB-A cable the risk of a connection to get lost is much lower and a decent Charger will only apply 12V with high current after negotiating it is safe to do so.   

Dont use the KEYU charger!
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Japie| Post time 7-25-2017 00:58:42 | Show all posts
Thank you for your clears answers. I will contact Chuwi and see how it goes. To be continued.
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