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HDMI Disconnected

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leonardo.leon|Post time:7-20-2017 23:43:55 View:683|Reply:2


Recently I bought a HI10 plus Tablet, I want to connect a Projector using HDMI, but when I connect the HDMI Status is always disconnect, this happen to me in Android.

In Windows 10, when I connect the projector, it sent me to a support page Microsoft, in which mention something about Limited Connection.

How can Activate this function?  

I hope you can help me.



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emily| Post time 7-20-2017 18:53:43 | Show all posts
hello, maybe you can try to switch HDMI mode on the screen, hope this can help you
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doodzilla| Post time 7-20-2017 23:43:55 | Show all posts
Hello @leonardo.leon, have you tried using different micro-HDMI adapters? Also, does your HDMI function behave normally when plugged to other devices such as a monitor or a TV?
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