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hipen h3 problem

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toms|Post time:7-25-2017 02:46:31 View:783|Reply:3

hi13 with hi pen h3 ereser and buttons doesnot work, in order to "see" the pen(Palm rejection) the pen must be like one mm from screen (insted of 1 cm like surface).
do i need to install some drivers?

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Techdragonz| Post time 7-23-2017 06:03:34 | Show all posts
Uhm, I think it's normal that it doesn't get recognised at 1cm... Mine doesn't do that either. More like a couple of mm.
The erazer doesn't work in all programs. Otherwise there is, I think, the upper button that will act as the eraser when pressed.
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steward00| Post time 7-24-2017 05:31:54 | Show all posts
For my case 5 mm eraser works good
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toms| Post time 7-25-2017 02:46:31 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Thanks.Well in microsofot onenote it doesnot working
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