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BIOS update Error

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Larry8D|Post time:7-24-2017 14:14:33 View:1135|Reply:11

Motobot| Post time 7-23-2017 16:13:20 | Show all posts
Edited by Motobot at 7-24-2017 03:17
deejay1963 replied at 7-24-2017 00:49
which part of the problem you did not understand Motobot.?  LarryBD is clearly stating that he canno ...

I understood the most important of all described immediately, deejay1963.  User tried to flash BIOS not compatible with his device.
Perhaps I should have been more kinder? But I prefer to be honest, cool and ironic than spineless and compassionate. Sorry, but I'm convinced that this is more useful than the desire to wipe someone's tears.
It's good that in this case the protection "against the fool" has worked.
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Larry8D| Post time 7-24-2017 12:43:41 | Show all posts
Edited by Larry8D at 7-24-2017 13:15
mbaruzzo replied at 7-23-2017 13:59
Hey Larry just be careful with the bios you flash because there are 2 versions of the Lapbook 14 and ...

Mbaruzzo, thanks for usefull info! Its really seems like a same problem.

As I understand it, this laptop has a long-standing and well-known problem with the confusion around the BIOS versions and Linux installation. )
I made a request to the technical support and also Emily promised to help too. Now i'm waiting for an answer with the correct BIOS version.

Motobot, thank you for feedback about broken link. Now it should work correctly.
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Motobot| Post time 7-24-2017 14:14:33 | Show all posts
Never mind. I wish you success
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