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Hi13 original Charger KEYU KA1440 is dangerous!

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artowi|Post time:1-20-2018 04:17:48 View:5687|Reply:66

MemberChuwi| Post time 10-17-2017 05:43:27 | Show all posts
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I've taken another look on the female USB-C connector side with my magnifier. It looks like Gnd and Vbus have loger contacts than the other lines by design. This means they make contact first when you plug something in... if the keyu charger is designed as discussed, it presents 12V before there is any chance of communicating anything else, because all other contacts are made a little later. If a plug penetrates not deep enough power may be connected ok but configurarion and communication lines' connection state may be unreliable and ambiguous... not much to add here.
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MemberChuwi| Post time 10-17-2017 12:31:28 | Show all posts
Edited by MemberChuwi at 10-17-2017 13:08

It's PD showdown time.

Main finding in advance:
I didn get Aukey PA Y8, 27W PD 3.0 to charge my Hi13. It senses that something is hooked up but does not charge.

I tried 3 different USB-C cables - no difference.
- simple RavPower charging cable, 2m (supposed to be USB 2)
- Anker PowerLine 3.1 Gen 1.0, 0.9m
- Cheotech USB-C 3.2 Gen 2.0, 1m, USB IF certified, logos on box and plugs, individual cable id number tag

I also tried maxhood 90° adapter inbetween tablet and cable. These adapters have USB Gen 2.0 10GBit/s logo and are rated high too. No difference with charging. Otg worked fine with adapter. Trimmed off some Plastic from the Adapter. To my surprise the plug did not go in deeper... again no difference with charging.

Either the tablet is not requesting voltage/power the proper way or the aukey charger is either incompatible or malfunctioning. But to be honest, I think there is something wrong with Hi13 PD protocoll - probably it's as dumb as the keyu charger... which btw still does the job fine and otg works fine too.

It's silly that PD chargers have no indicators clearly showing negotiated voltage and current.

What's all this about? I'm starting to doubt my conscience... to be honest, I'm not really willing to spend more on test gear. I can't return the 90° Adapter because it's cut now. Charger and cables were useless 50+ € Some other non refundable expenses add another 50+ € wasted if I return the tablet only for refund (some days left for this decision)

I'm really fed up.
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MemberChuwi| Post time 10-19-2017 08:21:41 | Show all posts
Edited by MemberChuwi at 10-19-2017 10:48

I was close to return my Hi13 because of USB-C frustration.

But: AUKEY PA-Y10 works for me...!!!

The recommend RavPower battery did not work for me, sorry!

Of course I have new suspicions why things turned out the way I've experienced with my Hi13...

I think my revision (#2?) Requests 3A for power delivery. So charger's speced less don't work - even 2A would be enough. Not sure about voltage but I guess my idea Hi13 could probably accept 15V with PD charge is wrong.

I don't know why RavPower battery works for others, probably with Hi13 revision #1 ?
Referring to the specs of PA-Y7 I wonder how this could work either. Referring to Nathan K.'s table PA-Y7 is dangerous too...
Important result for me, my USB-C port seems not to be damaged.

Nathan K.'s table doesn't list Aukey PA-10 yet. Probably it's as dangerous as PA-Y7.  
It remains the feel that USB-C isn't a well matured system, full of chaos, incompatibility and out of spec stuff. And some is dangerous or harmful to devices.

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Felipe_Cortes| Post time 12-22-2017 16:24:43 | Show all posts

Could you help me ? I need to know how to use my warranty ... My hi13 gets hot in the usb-c port area, I have not wanted to use it anymore for fear of something dangerous happening.

I await your help, thank you very much.
best regards

* sorry but my english is from Google translator.
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szucsi| Post time 1-17-2018 01:14:44 | Show all posts
Unfortunately we wrote a lot on this topic, but all posts by Chuwi have been deleted. Only what they are writing is visible. The point is, the Keyu Charger crashed the motherboards.
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robsm1th| Post time 1-18-2018 11:20:38 | Show all posts
Can I suggest this thread be un-stickied as Chuwi provide a different charger now.  

If you want a spare charger this works ..... ... eywords=Aukey+usb+c
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Techdragonz| Post time 1-20-2018 04:17:48 | Show all posts
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