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My charger burned after 3 hours, what model to replace?

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lechapelier|Post time:8-13-2017 06:00:26 View:580|Reply:3


I bought on gearbeast a CHUWI 15.6.

Good product, but the charger burned after a few hours of charge the same day of reception.

The charger was boiling, impossible to touch.

It exploded internally, here is a photo
1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg

I am disappointed with the quality of the charger, the pc in itself works well.

I am looking for a replacement charger because the return in china is too expensive given the price of the product.

I am looking for a product of better quality.

I saw that CHUWI offers this charger:

Is it compatible with the CHUWI 15.6?

Thank you


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emily| Post time 7-26-2017 02:11:20 | Show all posts
hello, lechapelier, very sorry to hear that, is everything ok? take care of yourself, i wish you all the best,
the wall charge you mention is not compatible with the CHUWI 15.6, you can contact gearbest and ask for a new charger, if they not reply you in time, please tell me, i will contact our service and send you a new one ourselves
have a good day
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lechapelier| Post time 7-26-2017 04:09:10 | Show all posts
Hello emily,

Everything is ok. Just a big scare.

I don't know what would have happened if I were not present.

Gearbeast asks me to return the product in china but seen the delivery costs and the delays isn't interesting for me...

I have been in discussions with them since 07/21/2017.

In my last mail, i asked them which charger purchased on gearbeast, they give this answer :

Dear Arnaud,
Thank you for contacting Gearbest.

Here are some charger for your reference:
You can also have a check in your local shop.

Please refer this parameter:
AC adapter: 100-240V 5V 3A                                                  

Thank you for your collaboration.

Best regards,
Gearbest Customer Service

Which doesn't advance me

An unnecessary answer

Which does not advance me.

Gearbeast does not seem to have any qualified adviser telling me a suitable charger.

If you cans send me a new charger reliable, i'm ok.

thank you.
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lechapelier| Post time 8-13-2017 06:00:26 | Show all posts
Any news frome emily...

charger bought on aliexpress for 5$...

No problem with this charger.

But when using the pc and charging it the charger is really boiling.

I will do a dedicated topic on this laptop because I have encountered other problems.

Average satisfaction of this product
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