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HiBook Pro max volume issue

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rippleland|Post time:8-10-2017 11:42:04 View:388|Reply:3

My HiBook Pro came with a strange problem, it randomly automatically raise the volume to maximum, both in windows and android. It is almost that the volume bottom is with some bad contact. Can this be fixed or is it a factory problem?

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emily| Post time 7-31-2017 00:05:27 | Show all posts
hello, rippleland, maybe you can try to open it and see if the volume bottom is ok or not, have a good day
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manonegra222| Post time 7-31-2017 11:21:32 | Show all posts
Occurring in both systems is a mechanical problem and has nothing to do with programs or devices.
Try pressing repeatedly on the volume control + and volume control - because something seems to press on it.
See if the volume is correctly placed.
Chuwi Moderator
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rippleland| Post time 8-10-2017 11:42:04 | Show all posts
it is indeed happening on both systems, how can I get it opened? a procedure would help.
I am concerned this will also breach warranty am I right?

This really looks like a mechanical issue on the button.
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